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February 05, 2007



every time I've done a hat from that book it comes out way too long! that came out adorable though - I like how it covers his ears!


I bet the extra length will actually help the hat fit a little longer. It's very cute, and isn't the Cashmerino wonderful? I know it eventually pills and people think the negligible amount of cashmere makes it a silly marketing ploy, but it's still so soft and squishy that I don't care.


I like the hat like that - I think the length will be good when he grows even more.


I go back to Ann Budd's book all the time - a great reference and one of my more used knitting books.
I like children's hats to be longer - no chance ears won't be covered! He is so ADORABLE!!


Adorable--and yeah, long hat=room to grow!


He's so adorable! There are no words... mwah!


What an adorable picture. I want to kiss those little apple cheeks!


Your little boy is such a cutie in that hat! :-)

Christy / Not Hip

So cute. I don't think I could really even get a good look at the hat, which I'm sure is lovely, with that cute face sticking out of it.

Dipsy D.

Oh, what a gorgeous hat this is, and the Little Sir looks so absolutely cute and adorable with it! I agree, the length is perfect as it is, there's room enough to grow for the little one!

knit around the world

Little Sir is so cute with that hat!

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