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February 23, 2007



Wow, they are really beautiful!


Beautiful! And I think it's only considered selfish knitting when you don't make ANYTHING for others. I think you're safe :)


That's the prettiest color combination I've seen yet. Love.


what a great project to finally keep for yourself! they are beautiful! and in Koigu - all the better! looks like you have quite a bit leftover. they came out wonderful!


As you know, I love your version of Anemoi mittens!

I often start knitting a scarf or pair of socks with myself in mind, but part way through the knitting realize it would be a far better scarf for Mom or Grandma than myself, and so I end up knitting it for them. I often have an easier time figuring out what someone else would like than what I would like.

I also use the term "cat's pajamas"! I think I have a reputation for using "odd" turns of phrase, but I'm OK with that.


Spectacular! That is SOME first for-yourself project. Well done.


GORGEOUS!!! They came out beautifully. I can't beleive that they are your first thing for yourself! That is some selfless knitting--I think you can safely designate the next, say, six projects as just for you.

And re: the baby drool, I wash my koigu socks in the machine all the time, and they are 100% as good as new. I even dried a paid accidentally one time, and it didn't seem to have any negative ipmact at all. So use & love those mittens as hard as you want!


This pair reminds me that knitting is art-those scrolls are beautiful!


Simply gorgeous! Your stranding is so beautiful.


I found your blog lurking on the Fair-Isle February KAL - Gorgeous, gorgeous mittens! You did a beautiful job, and being a "selfish" knitter, I really enjoyed your post ;)


The mitts are gorgeous, the colours absolutely lovely, and the post was heartwarming -- nothing finer than baby drool on your own hand-made mitts!


Oh, they're perfectly wonderful! I'm so glad to hear that you're keeping them for yourself. You deserve them.

It's important to make beautiful things for yourself.


Simply gorgeous. You chose the perfect thing to knit for yourself.

Christy / Not Hip

Fabulous. They turned out great, and shouldn't baby drool just make them bloom more and be softer anywyay? They are totally worth wearing out for the compliments and the questions of "Where did you get those?" "I made them!"


Lovely! And what a fabulous first project to complete for yourself!


Lovely mittens - and lovely post!


Beautiful! I continue to love this pattern. I am glad you're not holding back from wearing them all the time -- the world needs to see the wonder of handknits!

I tend to go through major self-knitting and gift-knitting phases. It's almost like I get tired of one (I either miss being able to enjoy the fun of giving people my handknits or I miss the fun of looking forward to keeping them for myself). I'm ready to get back into knitting for myself now, but first I have a last few things that have been promised to others...it feels like I'll never get through them!

Enjoy your newfound appreciation for knitting for yourself!


The mittens are beautiful. Koigu, too! That makes them all the more fabulous. I can see where you might want to keep them pure, and perhaps have them enshrined somewhere, but yup, ya gotta wear them and show them off!


Lovely mittens, lovely post, lovely words, lovely pictures, lovely boy...
Did I mention I like you blog?
Koigu... Impossible to find in Switzerland, but I would love to try, and apparently they are the perect match to eunny's anemoi.


ps.: could you please tell me wich kind of koigu yarn are you using? everybdy says always "koigu", but I see that they have at least three different kind.. (yes, I am lurking koigu online right now! ;-) )


These are the most beautiful of all the Anemois I have seen on the internet!!
I have 1 fancy pair of mittens (Lapland) that I knit for myself and I feel so special every time I put them on!


They are absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so glad that you knit them for yourself. I know you deserve them! They are to be worn, and drooled on and enjoyed!
It looks like Little Sir likes them as much as you do!


Beautiful mittens! I love your choice of colors -- so simple and elegant. Hurray for knitting for yourself!
(By the way, we chatted while in the Socks that Rock line at Rhinebeck. It's great to find your blog. :) )


Well, I think they're the bee's knees.


Bee's knees indeed! So gorgeous and thankfully (??) there's still plenty of cold weather ahead of us (I can't believe I just wrote that).

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