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April 18, 2007



Poke is quite cute... he's going to be someone's favorite childhood memory some day! I'm glad you're feeling better and out of your knitless funk.


Aw--he's so sweet and melancholy! I think anything so adorable will more than make up for the 2-month lag; plus, this way he won't be drowned in the flood of baby gifts that comes in right when the baby's born.


Aw, how cute! I like how the decreases on his face make a little frowny-turtle mouth - they always look so serious that way!


hehe, my first thought was awww too. :-) At least he got out of the house for a fun photo shoot; that second last picture is so cute!


he's adorable! I love how his little arms come out of the shell!


Sheldon came out so cute! He looks nice in green;)


Not only was this a sweet project but it looks like it utilized some interesting techniques. No boredom around here! As an added bonus, you included lyrics from one of the most precious songs... I really enjoyed that!


That is too cute! Pretty pretty pictures.


Awwww, he is so sweet. I'm sure he will be a beloved gift.


Ha! In the archives :) was that one for me?

Poke is a real cutie.

Liz K.

I'm not ashamed (ok, well, maybe a little ashamed) to admit that that song makes me cry. So does Rainbow Connection. Something about that Kermit just gets to me.

Sheldon, however, made me smile. Cute!


Awww, he's so very cute!


Poke is a cutie pie indeed! How could you not enjoy knitting him. :)


Awwwwww! Poke is adorable!


Aw, isn't he cute? Very nice -- you're right to keep him around for a while.


I LOVE that pattern and I'm jealous that you've made it and I haven't. It's probably my favorite knit toy pattern out there.

The only way to improve him would be to make two more in different colors. :)


Ridiculously cute! And great photo shoot!


So cute! Its head is so large, it's like an alien turtle :)


He is so cute :-)

I love knitting toys but the embroidery always stresses me out because I can never get the expression I want. Practice. Practice. I guess.

Poke will make some little one very happy someday that's for sure!


Awww, Poke is so cute. Lolly said what I was going to say. That song always makes me cry. I feel like such a sap but I have a weak spot for Kermit.
I hope you find the perfect forever home for Poke.


So very, very cute! Love Poke.


Poke is SO CUTE! hee hee - thanks for the smile.


Poke is really cute! Great post! I'm sure Kermit is proud. I hope you find a special baby for him.


What a cutie!



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