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April 13, 2007



It's funny, the first thing I thought when the picture popped up onscreen was, "What a beautiful scarf!" Then I started reading, and suddenly the pink was everywhere. Not so fond of the hue myself, but it's a lovely scarf no less! There will be a happy recipient in its future...


Your scarf is really gorgeous. Perhaps if it rests quietly at home for a bit you will warm to it again...but if not, lucky someone:)


Your Chev is gorgeous, sorry you don't like the pinky-ness of it, but I'm sure someone will be blown away at Christmas.


Look at you, all ahead on the Christmas knitting already! Woo-hoo! I want to make another one, too, and thanks for the passed-on tip about only one skein of Koigu being necessary- my scarf is hella heavy and definitely has stretched itself out significantly!


You will be sooooo pleased with yourself and your gifty foresight come next Christmas. And whoever gets it will be one lucky girl!


Pink or not - it's fabulous!!!! I am going to see if I can find some yarn at MD this year to maybe crank one out....


I always associated pink with all those pretty, popular girls in school that I did not associate with. I guess I've always been a bit different since orange is my favorite color. After I became an adult I learned to get over my negative feelings towards pink and embraced the whole shabby chic craze. Still love orange though. :)

It is a beautiful scarf!


I have to tell you, I've been like, "HUH? I see pink, but not THAT much pink... it's not THAT bad..." Maybe it's the pictures, maybe my monitor, maybe it's you, maybe it's me -- no huge fan of pink here, even though I'm always told how flattering it is (it has to be JUST the right shade). But then the last picture where you're actually wearing it and oh boy, yeah, man, I can see the pink! That's a lot of PINK!

Ooooh, I had a bad, bad experience once with the Pepto, too. Do you think that's what's ruined pink for us forever?
; )


It's lovely!
And well, really, since you don't like it, that's a great reason to order 2 skeins of STR medium-weight and put your first scarf away to be gifted in the future. :)

Gotta be thinking at all times, you know!


Your 'Chevy Nova' is SUCH a beautiful scarf, I love it! It is so gorgeous!


I totally refer to mine as "the chevy"--although I think in my head it's actually chevvie.

You are going to be so stoked at Christmas when you already have your gift kniting done! Way to go with the foresight--because that's of course what we'll call this--AND wit giving yourself a reason to buy more yarn!


Too bad, because it's gorgeous. But if your mom ruined pink for you, so be it. Make a different one for yourself.


The Chevy looks great (even with the pink)! I like the Chevy nickname, and since my cousin restores the older Chevy Nova muscle cars, I like your post title!

I was once given peptobismol as a child for an upset stomach. It made me throw up. I haven't taken it since. It is evil.


It is a shame about your pink prejudice, cause the scarf is darling. ;)

Maybe someday you can make one for yourself, sans pink. Because every knitter needs a splash of color in the form of a chevy scarf.


So, let me get this straight... you don't like the pink? :P I think it is a brilliant scarf, and it will make the recipient VERY happy, no doubt.

I haven't made a Chevron yet, but I just got this crazy notion that we could both make Chevrons and wear them at SAA so we can spot each other! Yes/No/Maybe?


So very pretty! But I agree, there is a bit of an over-abundance of pink in exactly that similar-to-Pepto hue. On the bright side though, like everyone said, it's an excellent occasion to order up two skeins of STR medium-weight, if only to reward yourself for some super early gift-knitting completion. :) Have a good weekend!


Absolutely gorgeous. This scarf is the embodiment of all things spring. And someone will be very happy to have a little springtime this Christmas when it's all gray and blustery.


It did turn out a bit bright, didn't it? But it's still pretty. And happy. I'm sure the giftee will enjoy it next winter!


It is pretty but it is bright isn't it? I so want my shipment of BMFA to arrive so I can start a Chevron too!


It really is lovely, but I understand aversion to a color. I'm sure it will make someone really happy this Christmas!


It's gorgeous Nova! I didn't notice the pink until you started in on the pink...maybe hypnosis would help? Oh and be thankful you don't have two little girls who fancy themselves princesses and think the sun rises and sets around the color pink. Just sayin'.


Oh, the pain of knitting a SCARF at that small gauge only to give it away. You are a truly good person. I would have selfishly stashed it in my closet!

Amy S.

WOW - its beautiful! I am a definite pink-lover so I really think its FABULOUS! But, I can understand how you are turned off from the color! You will definitely have to knit yourself another one! We'll find you the perfect yarn! WITHOUT the pink! : )


It's funny to me that the pink bothers you so much, because when I look at that scarf I hardly get a "pink" impression at all. But of course you should give it to someone who will love it -- and I guarantee there is no shortage of people who could fall into that group. It truly is beautiful, and I hope you can also make another one for yourself in colors that suit you better.


No way! But I looked at the flickr group and yours is sooooooo beautiful! I think you should reconsider your relationship with the pinkness.

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