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August 22, 2007



Well, I'll tell you what *I'm* planning to do with my own Wollmeise dark Poison Nr. 5 yarn :)

The Bellatrix pattern, toe up, and knee high. I think the colors go really well with the "attitude" of the pattern, without it being so complicated that the colors distract from it. And toe up/knee high will let you use every last bit of the yarn!


I'd use it on size 5 or so needles to make a fantastic lightweight zig-zag scarf. I did one with a hank of Cherry Tree Hill and still rue the fact that I gave it away. (But the recipient loves it.)

You can see what I mean here: https://fidget.prettyposies.com/archives/000188.html

that yarn is gorgeous!!


I'm using poison nr.5 to make some bellatrix socks from socktopia - right now :)

I thought poison nr.5 was a great name and color for a sock named after an evil witch from harry potter!

(and I love how they're turning out)

Liz K.

The Wollmeise has similar yardage to Schaeffer Anne, one of my absolutely favorite yarns. My favorite one-skein of Anne project was my Forest Canopy Shawl at I'm Knitting As Fast as I Can. It is fairly simple lace, and I used a slightly variegated yarn like yours to make it. I love it!

Happy Blogiversary!


Wow, that is seriously gorgeous yarn, and you could make any number of seriously gorgeous things out of it. (my first thought - knee socks, like maybe Cookie A's Gothic Spire pattern)

My suggestion - the Clementine Shawlette from IK Spring 2007. I think that pattern would show off this yarn beautifully. (there are a couple of examples on Ravelry of this pattern in the Wollmeise sock yarn, and one of them is particularly beautiful).

Happy blogiversary in advance!


Oh, what an elegant mini-Clapotis it would make! I have a weakness for pink and purple, and with all that dark shading thrown in...
I have a skein of fingering weight in similar length that I am thinking about doing a mini-Clapotis with, so that's why my brain went there ;)


I'd make Pomatomus, of something similar. It's a great pattern that would would show off the variegation. Or maybe a pair of Monkeys. Knee high and fabulous.

Or, what about the Multidirectional Scarf? If you're into scarves, how about a chevron or a feather-and-fan type pattern? I think something lacy will show off this yarn the best!


Happy Blogiversary! How about a Chevron scarf like this one: https://tiennieknits.typepad.com/tiennie_knits/2007/05/chevron_scarf_f.html

I've never used Wollmeise before but I've heard it's yummy!


I have to second the idea of a mini clapotis!! ligntweight and lovely. (snuggles for little sir)


hmm - plenty of yardage screams (for me anyway) for knee highs! Something like the spiral boot socks from the summer IK. It would break up the pooling and let the color shine.


the pictures of that yarn are making me drool. i saw violet shawlette from IK spring 07 made from it and it was lovely. there didn't seem to be any pooling at all and it's a really pretty project.


i second the spiral boot socks from the summer IK. i think they would look beautiful with that yarn!


First of all Happy Blogiversary! Right now my favorite sock pattern is the Penllyn pattern. I just recently knit this pattern with some Yarn Pirate. I loved the way they turned out and it was a super fun and easy knit. I really don't like pooling and this pattern didn't pool at all when I knit it. Here is a picture and the site that you can get the pattern at. Good luck choosing a pattern...there are some really good suggestions.


pamela wynne

Ooh, a challenge!

I think you should check out the Tiffany sock pattern from Wolhalla.

It's modular, and done in two colors, so pooling is a non-issue. You could pick a contrasting solid color for the stripe, and still have enough Wollmeise left over to do one of the following:

(1) River from Rowan 38 -- simple zig-zag lace could handle the variegations, and you could make it as long as you wanted to use up every last inch.

(2) Jaywalkers might be a no brainer by now, but doing them toe-up and 2-at-once would make the most of your Wollmeise, both visually and in terms of yardage.


wow, it is gorgeousness. I love the depth of the colors!

I am very excited to meet you next week!


Earthchick already suggested it, but I think it's a fantastic idea--the Clementine Shawlette from IK Spring '07.

Reading your post made me think of this one:
that I bookmarked awhile back. I think it would look great in the colorway you chose!


Going against the grain, may I suggest HeartStrings Diamond Lace Dress-it-up Scarf on elann.com. It uses up 550 yds of fingering weight yarn and the finished size is 10" X 70"! The picture shows a nice darkish red with green and I think your yarn would look equally if not more gorgeous. You can find the pattern at https://www.elann.com/productdisp.asp?NAME=HeartStrings+Diamond+Lace+Dress%2Dit%2Dup+%2D+A55&Cat=&ProductType=4&Count=21#.

Happy Blogiversary! Oh, and I'm sure Little Sir will share with time:)


cupcake already suggested this, but i think they'd make really striking pomatomus socks and you could easily adjust them to a longer sock as its a nice stretchy rib.


Hey there! What gorgeous yarn! I *think* that you would have enough there to do the Leaf Lace Shawl (https://www.fibertrends.com/viewer/patterns/s2010.html) by Evelyn Clark in the smaller size (the picture was a little misleading for me at first because it looks like there's a really mismatched border on the green shawl, but I'm pretty sure it's just the two sizes of the shawl layered one on top of the other). It might require 600 yards of fingering for the smaller size, but you might be able to fudge it a little, or edge the shawl with something complementary?

Christy/ Not Hip

I say you should go for the Spiral Boot Socks (from the Summer IK). If you use a contrast toe, heel and top , I think the yardage would work out well. Also, you know that you want some knee highs, and these are simple and elegant with visual interest. One of my coworkers is making them (with the contrast) out of STR and even the STR is not pooling badly. It looks quite fetching.


I love the cable hats from the book "Cables Untangled" I think it would look SUPER cute on you....
fabulous yarn!


I propose Sand River. I know the pattern calls for Lion & Lamb, which is Aran or Worsted, but I think the pattern will show up beautifully in your colors, and it's lacey. You can make a long scarf, or do the shawl/stole version.



Oooh, I had the same dilemma with my Jitterbug in a similar colour. I wantd to mix in some Habu Silk/Stainless Steel and create a fabulous scarf, but the colour was too intense. I finally settled on Charade socks, but the mixing of yarns still remains at the back of my mind and is something I'll definitely explore - soon.

breanna Sackrey

Happy Happy Blogiversary!I Would definitely make a pair of Fawks socks from Harry Potter. I would use the left over yarn for a matching baby/toddler pair. Maybe you have someone special that would enjoy having a mathing mother daughter set or you have a young lady in your family that would enjoy a special pair of socks.


I think that would knit up beautifully for some Nancy Bush Child's First Socks. Black socks are boring but a little bit of hot pink in them would do the trick. Plus, it's a good pattern for pooley yarn, it's easy to memorize and *I* think it's beautiful! Good luck, Nova!

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