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September 25, 2007



Sleeve island is rough but once you get through it the seaming island is much more happening indeed. And at least sleeves move faster than fronts and backs! ;)


Oh my, your little guy is looking big! Is he losing his baby chub? I'm always sad to see the baby chub go away. Boy they grow fast!

All I have to say about a sweater for yourself is WOOT.


Collar island is way better than sleeve island - you'll love it when you get there!


I love collar island too - and I avoid sleeve island by knitting the sleeves first! :)


those cupcakes look delicious! :)


Are those yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting?? My favorite! :) Hope everyone makes a speedy recovery.


i love that picture of your little guy with the pumpkins. it's priceless. those cupcakes look delicious. i hope you all feel better soon so that you can enjoy them!


We feel your pain on the cold thing, we've been struck down with cold as well :P Those are such cute pictures from apple picking, and sleeve island looks like a lovely place!


Aww, sorry to hear about the teething pain. I always felt so bad for my boys when they had that and seemed so miserable.

Little Sir is as adorable as always. He's such a great model.


Sleeve island can be a brutal place to be, unfortunately! Now cupcake island is another matter entirely...


yay apple picking! it has to be my favorite activity of the fall!!!!!

can't wait to see that sweater. the color is amazing!


I hope you're all feeling better now :/

I hope you have a short stay on sleeve island, too!

Liz K.

There's something about LS in that first picture -- he looks more like a little kid and less like a baby! Wah!


sorry to hear about your illness. seaming island and i are not the best of friends, so i prefer knitting in the round. however, i am excited about your journey to sleeve island and can't wait to see your first knit for yourself sweater. my first was a Rusted Root (slightly cheating since it's short sleeves), but it was a very exciting experience.


There is no such thing as too sick for cupcakes, is there? Feel better!


What cute guys!

That's a gorgeous color for your first sweater for you!

Feel better!


Gah! The sweetness! Little Sir is getting so big. Look at those cheeks. Mwah, mwah! We are also suffering through molar time right now. The poor babies...

Your sweater looks yummy, just right for fall!

pamela wynne

Between the yarn and the pumpkins, this is a very autumny post! Sorry to hear ya'll were ill -- but too ill to eat cupcakes? Wow. Feel free to ship them to Michigan.


I just love toddlers and pumkins!
Just the cutest photos.

Your pumkin yarn is fabulous! Good going on the sleeve.....just beware of seeming island! That can be a pretty scary place. Of course, you can handle it!


Oh, I'm sorry to hear about all the sick, but wow all the pics are fab (as usual). *sigh* I love fall. Hope all of you feel better soon!

(p.s. I'm behind on blog commenting but have to say I LOVED the pic of Little Sir rolling around in the yarn. Too cute!)

Amy Artisan

Looks like a fun fall weekend - trips to the pumpkin patch &/or apple orchard are the best. Since my goddaughter moved to TX I go down there for a visit every Oct. so we can continue our pumpkin patch tradition that started when she was 4 mo. old.

Hope the stay on the island isn't too long - my first sweater is gonna be a vest so I'll be delaying an arrival to sleeve island for quite a while. :)

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