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September 21, 2007



mmm - I got some plumbs this week too - black though....the pictures of little sir with the Beaverslide are great!


that shade of tess is wonderful!! they didn't have anything like that at MDSW this year that I saw. I love their saturated colors.

mmm, plums.....


That is a great shade of Tess! I didn't see anything like that there.


You have some of the best fiberlicious pics. I LOVE that shade of plum. So fab.


I think "plummy" is one of my favorite adjectives -- particularly when it applies to yarn.


Love that Tess, hoping to pick some up at Stitches East. And I just made a plum cake as well. Great minds think alike....


Love the plummy yarn but the cake looks even better. I've never tried a plum cake but it looks delicious!

Do you have plans for the plum yarn yet?


Oh the plums! Oh the yarn! Oh THE CAKE! So delicious. :-)


Luscious yarn and cake! I like the Little Sir-Beaverslide yarn photo shoot! I don't think you are going to get to knit with that yarn. It looks taken.


Now *that's* the color I'm going for with my Wilton's experiment.


Amy S.

WOW! Upside down plum cake looks yummy and that shawl is GORGEOUS! Your blog always makes me drool! : )


Beautiful photos - I love the deep, saturated colours.


oh, i love that color.....beautiful!
and the plum upside down cake looks delicious....like it would be perfect with my coffee right NOW! :)

Amy Artisan

Plum is definitely an apt description of that yarn. Hope it knits into something just as yummy as that plum cake! :)


Lucky for you that I didn't see that Tess yarn first! :) it's gorgeous, and great photos too!

pamela wynne

omg, that yarn!! that cake!! Such a luscious post!

Sarah D.

Mmmm... plums and cake together...lovely yarn too!


Yummy yummy yummy yarn - and plums too!

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