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October 01, 2007



alpacas! I love how they look kinda like poodles. Or maybe that's just my imagination. The yarn looks delicious!


alpacas! I love how they look kinda like poodles. Or maybe that's just my imagination. The yarn looks delicious!


Yes, that would lovely yarn for the Endpaper Mitts, or maybe those squirrel mittens that many people have been making!


Oh, what fun! So far, when we've visited the zoo or aquarium, Peanut is more interested in the other kids that are there. But when we encounter dogs in our neighborhood, she's very excited and wants to hug them. I think we need to find an alpaca farm to visit!


Lovely color combo for endpaper mitts!


I'm glad Little Sir could make some new friends! That yarn will make great Endpaper Mitts. They'll be really warm, for sure.


Who knew Little Sir was so threatening? Those poor alpacas. ;)


Those fuzzy alpacas are so adorable! How nice to be able to take home something to remember them by too.


Such cute little animals.

It's cool that you are starting Little Sir's fiber education early.


How fun! I have never seen an alpaca in person. The yarn is beautiful and will make great mittens!


Aw, I love alpacas! Aren't they so beautiful and funny all at the same time?
Looks like you guys had fun - enjoy the yarn, it's so nice to "know" the critter it came from!


How nice of Comet and Gabe to leave you a little something. I never knew alpacas were so thoughtful. I might need to find some local alpacas to make friends with...


what fun!
love those colors...perfect for endpaper mitts!


What a fun excursion!


Beautiful alpaca! Yes, lovely for endpapers!


:) he was just herding them!!! Nice to know the animals the yarn came from - cool!!!


I do adore alpacas. Well, I guess I don't actually have strong feelings about their personalities or anything, so I should say I adore petting alpacas (this will probably be a unique feeling among fiber enthusiasts, right?). No matter how many times I pet one, I still can't help but feel that coats that soft can't possibly occur in nature.

Enjoy your souvenir!


What a fun day! Alpaca is becoming a favorite for me. I was just looking at those endpaper mitts too! Great choice for the yarn.


Hey, it's good to have vision! Looks like you had lots of fun.

Amy S.

How fun! Are you guys still coming to Maine this weekend? Send me an email!

pamela wynne

I think maybe I haven't given alpaca fiber a fair shake. I mean, anything that comes from such a cute, smelly animal has to be good, right?


Ahhhh!!! Attack of the Little Sir!!! Though the alpacas seemed to have recovered quickly from the trauma. It looks like it was fantastic fun.

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