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December 31, 2007



Oh, it's perfect! I love it. And I love the name Little Sir chose, too. Too cute!


That last picture with little sir is so darling. Great job on the little elephant. I need to knit one now for Cierra!

Liz K.

An elephant named Bacon. Of course! I mean, my son has a T-Rex named Marvelous and two pretend friends named Snicker and Glasses. So why not Bacon?

Happy New Year, Nova!


Sure looks like Little Sir loves Bacon! Adorable child and elephant!


Awwwww, so cute! I'd love Bacon too!


wow--that elephant is too cute! Good job on it and congrats for getting it done on time!


Wow nova!! Bacon is so cute!! I love the seed stitch ears and the little tail. He will be much loved!


Bacon is absolutely darling. I've loved that Elephante pattern for months - I must cast on soon. And that's a great color for him!


The last picture is totally amazing! That's love!

Fantastic work as always.

Happy New Year.


aw. so adorable. Of course he loves it--his mama made it. Of course, you may only have another year or two of that, so enjoy. There's something with naming animals and dolls with the letter 'b' around our house. Almost everything our daughter gets she names "Bea" and then there's her new doll, whose name is "Ballet"



So, my friends and I were talking... for Christmas next year, could I get a Little Sir? He's absolutely adorable, wonderful... cute as Bacon! ;~P

Happy New Year 2008! Thanks for a great year of humor and knitting and friendship...


Oh, how cute. I'm not surprised that Little Sir loves it!


Bacon is adorable! And Little Sir looks so blissfully happy, with his yellow elephant...I love that picture.


this is so sweet. was it easier to knit the elephant, or sew the elephant?


adoreable!!! i love your elephant!! his toosh is so cute ;-) and that last pic just says... Love.

happy new year!


That last picture is just heart-melting. Sure, enormously enormous train sets are cool, but they sure aren't as cuddly.

I had no idea that I needed to knit a stuffed elephant, but it turns out I do.


I just checked your blog yesterday to see if you finished your elephant. Did you use size 4 needles? I'm just about to cast on for mine.

Bacon! My son named his knit cat "Buggy". I love it! That picture of Little Sir snuggling up is just too precious. Hope you and yours had a great holiday. Happy New Year to you as well :-)


Aww! I love him!


Oh my!!! what a little sweety! Great photos and adorable little elephant :)

Amy S.

WOW - What a cute elephant! I love the pic of little Sir hugging Bacon! I may have to try one for Kyle! Love the hats, too! You have been busy! Me - still working on that chevron scarf...remember that, I started back in April? Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Christy / Not Hip

What a cutie as always (the elephant too). Elephants are taking over by storm; there is a great on in the Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts that I just received.

Christy / Not Hip

Oops, catching up on reading and realizing that you already know about the other elephant....since you made it too and all.


Ah! The elephant is too cute! Love. The hilarious name, well, thank goodness Bacon wasn't a pig, that's all I can say about that. :)xoxo


Good gravy, that is one cute elephant. Bacon is the perfect name. Who doesn't love a little bacon?


BACON! What a perfectly perfect name! My most favourite food in the whole world! I think Little Sir and I could be bosom buddies :)
Mr. Bacon is super cute, I've seen so many different elephante's lately, I think they are taking over the knit-blogosphere!

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