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December 10, 2007



Yay for finishing WIPs!!
They are beautiful - that is such a sunny, cheerful color of Koigu. They will be the perfect thing for those long cold winter days ahead!


ooh, so pretty! I love the colorway.


Look great!


Nice to have a finished pair. Good job!

You could make some mini-mitten ornaments


or a sweater ornament

with your leftover yarn.


Do you know how many times I have started and frogged a pair of these???? Somehow the pattern just doesn't sink into my head!!! Maybe one day I'll try again. Yours are fabulous...love the color.

Stephanie M

I absolutely love the colors!! So vibrant! They are gorgeous!


The stitch pattern on the socks really pop-love the color.


These are very cute! I love those!


fabulous! I can understand the amount of lace, but I think they are cool looking. They seem almost like fans to me... anyway, cool! My personal knits are on hold until after Christmas. *sigh*


I love them! They look fantastic in those colors. Congrats on finishing the pair!


Way to go finishing such a cheerful pair just as the cold gets started! They look great!


Yeah for pairs of socks!!

They look lovely. I'm sure the Koigu makes them very comfy, too. How nice to cross something off the "pending" list.






Very nice socks. Your knits always look so refined and professional. Koigu is of such little yardage--what's up with that? I have size 11 feet and have to buy 3 skeins, which is just a mind leap I don't like to take, you know?


Sometimes Koigu just WORKS--love it!!


I have size 6 feet so Koigu is more than enough for me but I agree that it's a bummer for others with bigger feet. Your socks turned out so nice and your photos are as always, wonderful!


So beautiful, Nova. The colour is divine.


lovin those.....beautiful!
yay for knitting for you!!


Yay, a pair!! They look great. I love the color :)


They're fabulous. This remains one of my all-time favorite pattern. I just love the lacey effect. I'm curious as to why you don't.


Wow - They're great!! I made a feeble attempt at some Pomatomus mitts awhile back, but the yarn wasn't a great match. These are such a great pairing :) I love the colors - they look so at home in the leaves.


YAY for finished poms! They're beautiful, Nova.

And... I recently acquired some roppongi Shibui Sock goodness, so thanks for the long-time-coming enabling!


Hello Nova,
This is Natalie. You may not remember me but I wrote to you once. I'd like to send you a card. I know that I am three years late.

I am delighted to have found you on-line. And congratulations on that fine son of yours.

Will you forgive me?

Are you on ravalry?

My email address is:


They look wonderful.

Hope you enjoyed Pushing Daisy's tonight.

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