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December 21, 2007



well i'm gonna have to say 2.
Although they are all beauitful and I don't know why you wouldn't want them all :)


8. Glad to see that not everyone is killing themselves with last minute knitting. The bags look great.


2. They look great.


De-lurking here by the way. And *all* the bags are great (says she of the nonexistent sewing talent).


I love your fabric combinations, N. I've opted for sewn gifts this year also - Xmas knitting is too stressful.

Beth Stewart

I think all of the bags look great. One thing I never learned to do was sew and now I wish I had. My mother told me not taking home ec would come back to haunt me.

Happy Holidays!


Eleven?!? WOW!! When did you find the time to make all of those? I'm going to have to show my girls this post. I think they'll be all inspired by it! From where I sit they all look really fabulous! You've chosen such great fabrics/combos.

I'm not going to enter the contest, even though the thought of the fantastic bag and all of that beautiful yarn makes me all giddy. I simply have run out of space to store my stash.


#3. you're bags look great!


They all look great says the one of the nonexistent sewing talent!!

Happy Holidays!

Liz K.

I'm going with sassy bag 11. That's my guess after reading your, ahem, thorough "about" section.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Nova and family!


Because everytime you post a project with "OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!" I feel the same way, and #3 is my favorite. :) (What I mean to say is that you've got good taste!)
Your sewing skills are formidable, by the way. That's a lot of good-looking bags!
Have a happy christmas and new year!

Katie K


I think you made 6 by mistake. Lovely presents.


3 for me too. Little Sir, you're tops! wink wink!

Those are super cute. Whatever happens, have a great holiday!




#3 I think. They are all GREAT! I love that # 9 though.

Great work!


Three. Happy Holidays to you and your family!


#8. They are all great, and now you've given me an idea for gifts. Wonder how many I can make between now and Christmas? Hmmmm....


No. 6. No reason other than it's my favorite of the bunch. What great gifts!!!


8 - that's my guess....they are all fabulous though! dots - can't have enough dots!



I'm not really sure why I think six - my first instinct was 3, but six was it in my mind. Who knows, we'll see. =]

cindy b

3. all the bags are quite nice, btw.


Oooh, this is so tough!! They're all so fun and different. Very nice job, Nova!!


I am going to have to say #11.....Possibly because it has a silky fabric, which maybe you tried as an experiment.....maybe you numbered them in reverse order.....I don't know. I just know that a bag full of yarn is an AWESOME prize! I never win these things, but it doesnt seem to stop me from entering them! What can I say, I am tempted by yarn! Happy Holidays, Nova!



I love them all, those prints are fantastic! But the one with the autumn-colored stripes and circles just seems like the one you'd make for yourself.


ooh...i'm going to say 11. nice work on all those bags! looks like a lot of hard work, and i'm sure they'll all be appreciated. :)

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