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March 10, 2008



How fantastic! I heart your Evangelines... It makes me want to start mine now, but I... must... resist... second sock syndrome...

I hope LS loves Williamsburg. I love the blacksmith forge!


I'm alright with ends, it's the thumbs I have trouble doing. It's criminal the amount of time a pair of mittens can sit around waiting for the thumbs to be knit on...

The green you used is spectacular - perfect for the end of winter. Have a happy vacation!

Sarah R

Oooh, they are gorgeous...and I don't even like green that much.

But I love that you know the name of the sheep the wool came from.


Beautiful job! I love that green color so much! Perfect for spring. Have a great vacation!


Just lovely! What a great, vibrant green. I'm wearing sneakers just that color right now. :-)


Love the mitts!

Say hi to Williamsburg for me! That's where T. and I spend our hunnymoon ;) YOU MUST EAT THE GINGERBREAD. That's all I have to say.


i am in love with your green evangeline mitts......and the length is fabulous!
have a wonderful time in williamsburg!!


That's such a lovely green colour (makes me think of spring!), and the mitts look very cozy and warm. Fantastic job!

Liz K.

Sooo pretty. Love 'em!


You sure are adverse to weaving in ends! ;) But I'm glad you hunkered down for this pair! Love the color. So how many are left on the Tomten?


Ooh, lovely shade of green. I love all those cables.


Ooh, lovely shade of green. I love all those cables.


Beautiful color! I must get out my skein of Andy's Merino and knit something! I hope you have a wonderful vacation.


Perfect for St. Patty's day.


These are just gorgeous. They are on my list of projects to knit. Have a great time off


those are super cute. they may be next on my "accessory month" list to knit!


love those gloves! i also have them on my knit list :-) love the color!


The green mitts are so cheerful.


those are awesome. I love the yarn you used! beautiful!


LOVE the color of the mitts!

Hope you are having fun in Williamsburg!


Gorgeous mitts! How I wish I could wear such creations and not look like a total dork or sweat to the nines.

Looking forward to the pie!


Oooo those are beautiful! I love Farmhouse yarns, too, although I only have experience with the "Not Only For Socks" yarn. That stuff is SO NICE for socks. it makes heavy socks, but I like heavy socks. It would make a very good baby bsj. Anyway, I digress, as per usual. Happy spring break!


Those are so cool! I wonder if a novice like me could do them?


Lovely! That green is amazing.


These are fantastic! Beautiful color!

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