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October 31, 2008



OMG, that is the best costume ever! And I can't believe that is your first garment. Right before Halloween and being pregnant!? What are you crazy?! It came out great.

I might have to steal that idea for Melody when she gets older.

Glad to know that my baby is not the only one with a huge head. She measures small for everything else except her big noggin.


Really, costumes are like the best thing to practice sewing.. why? Because, really, they don't have to look all that perfect! So what if the collar's jacked up.. I wouldn't say anything or notice because you know, your travelocity gnome is just too darned cute, it's almost distracting! ;)


LOVE the costume! I love amazing race!! If the exposure of Little Sir to so many adventures and wonderful places comes with this as a side effect... well, there are far worse things. He's such a cute gnome!


Awesome first-time garment! You are supermom to do that for your boy. And pie, too? Mmm... Pie...


Awwww... Too bad he wouldn't wear the belt. It's so cute!

I just saw a baby at the store with a gnome outfit on, too, but instead of a blue jacket, he had a blue shirt and his mom had sewn a semi-circle of fake sheepskin to the top of the front for a white beard.


oh my goodness, that is just too cute for words. i'm totally stashing that idea away for when we have a kid.


OK, I'm digging out my gnome picture and sending it to you just as a contrast to show happy and angry Halloween gnomes!


That costume is the best. Could you be a more awesome mom? Umm, no.

An Abundance of Lisa

So Cute!! And that pie looks delicious!


Too cute !!! You did a super job on everything.


Wait one second, you MADE that jacket! It is so cute! You are amazing. It is the perfect gnome-y touch.


Such a cute costume! I'm very impressed.

The cupcakes look delicious, as does the chocolate mousse pie.


Collars, facings, buttonholes, figuring out how to pick and read a pattern...a buttondown, collared shirt is the project they use in beginning sewing classes because once you can do that, you can do ANYTHING.
All hard enough stuff when you only do a few steps at a time each week between classes, and have an expert at your side helping you through and giving you all kinds of helpful hints.
And YOU did it all by yourself!
AND it turned out so crazy cute, belt or no belt.


That is just about the most fantastic costume I've seen so far!!


who knew a felt belt was a form of torture?!?!?! (Kathy posting from Rocky's computer


What a great costume!! The jacket came out really well!!! And the deserts look amazing.


How cute is he????!!!????


Ok, that's totally hilariously cute.

Stephanie B

He also kind of looks like David the Gnome. I remember him from Nick Jr. from when I was a kid. Cute!


That is the best costume!! He is so cute! I want some of the mousse pie - looks so yummy.


Love Little Sir's costume - and the Amazing Race - he's so cute!

The pie and cupcakes look yummy.


I LOVE this costume! I'm a huge Amazing Race fan. You've made my day with this one.


Oh my goodness! He has to be the cutest little gnome I've ever seen :)


Yummy looking sweet treats. I love that he wanted to be that gnome. Adorable!


Oh what a brilliant job you did and baking too! He is the cutest little gnome, you really did well.

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