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October 23, 2008



Oh lady.. you're so close .. so close to the discobaby arrival! I can't wait to see him!


Yum! I really want to go to Rhinebeck someday! So jealous of all these Rhinebeck posts! I hope you're feeling/doing well!


oh, chocolate macadamia! yum. i'm sorry we didn't see each other after buying yarn!


Chocolate macadamia goodness. Mmm.


It looks like Kelly was enjoying himself, too (Flickr snaps).... Food always helps. Those of us in love with knitters can generally be bought off with food. My knitter didn't make it to Rhinebeck, but I suspect I am about to be flooded with Australian and New Zealand yarn aplenty, I think. I wonder if I can talk her into making pie?


The pie looks delicious! I'm so envious of all you bloggers that got to go to Rhinebeck, I'm way too far away.


The pie looks sooo good. (And the grey yarn is gorgeous!)


Are those Spirit Trail rovings I spy? Sooo pretty!

Oh the food candy in this post. Makes me so ravenous.

As for the silk caps? There's a video on YouTube.com on how to deal with them. I can look it up, if you like!


I was looking for you! It's too bad we didn't see each other. So the Wild Apple Hill yarn must be good since you bought it again this year?


I think you had the perfect Rhinebeck experience. All the yarn, none of the hangover!


I could use a piece of pie right now. Yum!

You poor thing! When I went to Rhinebeck last year, I was about 7 months pregnant. It was not fun. I couldn't walk for two days after it. My back hurt so much.


mmm - pie!!!! love that piehole wednesdays are back!


I'm so sorry I didn't run into you! I looked at every one who was pregnant and had another child along, but never did find you. It was chaos!


i'm impressed. as much as i love baking, i was in no shape to make a pie by the time i was 8 months pregnant!!


Oh that pie! That pie! It sounds like heaven.


I love Pushing Daisies! That pie looks scrumptious.


oh, that last trimester is the hardest, isn't it? it sounds like you are a busy woman.
Brown, brown, i always choose brown too.


Oh that picture if Little Sir is killing me! 'Dough with snow', that's priceless:)


I love that picture of you! Sometimes it really helps to have a built in reading pillow, eh?

Oh, Rhinebeck. Hopefully, next year and then our little babes can meet too :-)


Your flickr photos are very nice. Little Sir is adorable of course. Did you say a shot of bourbon in the tart, well, I may be cooking that up pretty soon. Nice yarn also.


i seriously need to make some coffee. and then bake a pie. YUMM!
i didn't see you at rhinebeck. what a bummer. :(
next year, i am doing things differently!!


Love the belly as a shelf picture. So happy that despite the craziness of life and the tiredness of pregnancy, you are still blogging and knitting. good for you!


I've been gone from blogland for so long I didn't know you were pregnant. Congratulations!! I've always enjoyed reading about your adventures with Little Sir and have always believed you're a wonderful mother. How exciting that you'll soon have another Little One.


What yarn are you using for that baby garment? It's very pretty.


Wow are you ever busy! I think you look fantastic even though you are tired. I miss being pregnant and all the promise it holds, but I'm so done with having kids. :)

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