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October 23, 2009



Fighting with Simplicity 3997 :) I totally understand your collar frustrations last year! Hopefully it will turn out well - watch for photos. Gherkin is asking about Little Sir and missing him much.


OMG your boys are ADORABLE


I just learned to crochet this week during my jury duty! I'm going to have to explore it a little more, I think.

I'm glad that you got a flu shot, and that Little Sir's hat still fits. Maybe you could crochet one for Little Mister?


Nova, you are SO funny! Your posts always bring me great joy, especially when you include your cutie pies.

Having just knit two Aviatrix hats in two days I can't say enough about how awesome, fast and fun the pattern is. It is a terrible shame to cover those locks but if it must be done I would give that pattern super duper props. I haven't upload to Rav yet but I made some mods for a bigger (not new baby) head that work well.


Little Sir has been well trained in the art of mixing and matching his handknits :).


What am I doing? In Australia. If I were more organized, I'd have a link to a blog where people could read that a second time. Anyhoo, I was on Ravelry looking up yarn requirements for projects -- because I'm in YARN HEAVEN!!!!! - and was looking at your projects for a link... for Baby Curls... what about the "fierce hat" you made a year or so ago? Here is the ravelry link...


I had to laugh when I popped over to the blog today. 'Watch Ya Doin'' and I automaticlaly put in the girls voice on Phineas and Ferb - she says it every episode :) (Life with kids, how else would you find all the cool cartoons?)

Those boys of yours are growing! And they are just too cute :) Thank you for the photos!

Happy Halloween!


Well ONE thing I'm doin' is marveling at your crochet acumen. I seriously bow to the crocheting maven that is Nova:)

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