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August 10, 2010



Sorry you dislike them. I think the colors turned out lovely and think they look very nice. Maybe they'll grow on your :)


I agree, it hardly matters. I prefer socks to skeins of sock yarn. Your library picture is awesome.


Its funny. I think the close up picture actually looks really good with the detailed view of the mixing of colors. But the pictures from farther away are just...okay. Don't know what it is.


I struggle with the whole pooling issue. Why do yarns that are so pretty in the skein look heinous knit up. These socks, while not heinous, do not live up to the promise in the skein. Well, at least they fit well.


I kinda like 'em. But, if you don't, at least socks are easily hidden in shoes, so you won't have to see too much of them. :)


I love the second and last shot of the socks. They are perfectly neutral colored. Looks like great all around socks.


Maybe it's a question of liking the colors? They look brown/grey from a distance. I like the barber pole effect that you can see in the close up shot of the cuffs. I personally don't mind pooling at all. But that's just me and I know there are a lot of people that will rip something out (gasp!) because of pooling. Maybe I don't mind pooling because I hate ripping out more?

And, if you're still not sure, put them in the pile for Christmas gifts - warm socks, hand-made, 2 fewer skeins, and one less Christmas gift to worry about. That's a win, right?


Some of my most hideous hand knit socks are the ones i wear most often precisely because somehow, they are the ones that fit the best. Go figure!


I knit myself a pair of socks in that very colorway of Shibui and they striped pretty much perfectly...there's just no knowing what you're going to get with that stuff, I think.


I think you have a really good attitude about these particular socks. I have knit 3 pairs out of Shibui and was not too happy. I know it might not pool for some, but they always pool for me - and I've tried 3 different cast-on numbers (60, 64, 72). Too bad!

Is that library photo taken in an archive? I see cards in every book and few spine labels.


I think the striping is lovely. I don't like it when variegated yarn pools in weird blotchy patches, but stripes are nice.

Love how you took your photoshoot in the stacks :)


They do look quite comfortable and I really enjoyed the story you told through your pictures.


Think of dawn on the beach, that's what I thought of.


I have that same yarn! I gave up and made a seed stitch headband. I think parts of your sock look pretty cool, but I can see how the pooling would drive you batty. I had a similar experience with Madeline Tosh sock yarn. I made a headband with that one too...maybe there's a pattern here.

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