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October 15, 2010



Great cowl! I am in the same camp where I don't make anything to wear to the festival. But this year I will be sporting the shawl that I designed.


awesome cowl! i so wish I could visit rhineback : (
one day!


Lovely cowl! I saw you and your lovely family stroll by as I waited in line for some super tasty Keilbasa... On a stick! Didn't want to lose my place in line, so hello after the fact! *waves*


Ahem. I apparently am still feeling the effects of the Rhinebeck Wool Buzz. Everything seems to be 'lovely' today :)


oh it's chocolate! i thought it was a plum color. i think i was so distracted and overwhelmed on saturday that i didn't even see your cowl :(


I'm so sad I did not see you and your fam.


i am so happy that i spotted you (and in the same exact spot we spotted each other the first time two (?) years ago or least two babies ago):) it was great to see you guys! ooxx


I was admiring your cowl but didn't tell you! I was too caught up in talking to you about other things, but really, what's more important than knitting and crochet?


It was so great to meet you at Rhinebeck this year! I must have been so overwhelmed by all of the knitters at the Ravelry meet-up, because I totally didn't notice your cowl. But it's awesome!


i bet you looked GREAT at rhinebeck!
i went a few years ago and was TOTALLY bummed that i didn't wear a single thing i knit. you can imagine how bummed i was!!!


SO GLAD I got to meet you and your crew. Love this cowl, you are cute x 1000!

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