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February 16, 2011


Lisa VanBuskirk

Super cute boys in those hats! Well done Nova.


What a delightful post!

Your boys, strike that, the children have such expressive eyes.


Your family is so freaking cute, I'm going to hurt a muscle in my face from grinning at their pictures.


Gorgeous handspun = gorgeous hats
I love that your little one requested handspun. It's nice to know your kids appreciat the finer things in life. ;)


I trust The Children (I feel that it needs caps) are pleased. I love the colour of Little Mister's.


You are a good momma. Not only hand knit, but handspun yarn, too! Little Sir just cracks me up.

My 3 yr old has been asking for a pink scarf the last 2 days. First of all, I don't like pink and second of all, I am up to my eyeballs in design submissions. I need more hours in a day or she just needs to learn to knit. Lol.


It's a pain having smart children, isn't it? :)

The Children are cute as always.

Jo @ a life in lists

What a lovely use of beautiful handspun yarn! I hardly ever buy handspun as I can never think of a good use for a small amount, but those hats are just gorgeous.


So cute!!


I don't know what's more cute, "the children" or the actual children! I love the handspun Little Sir chose (and that he wanted handspun for his hat!) and I love the green of Little Mister's hat.


I always find it charming how much our children love our handknits. Other stuff I get my son, he loves or hates on a whim. But the hat and the mittens? Priceless. I wonder why he doesn't have more handknits...


That is really the great thing about hats! You can make them with only a measurement and some evenly spaced decreases.

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