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April 22, 2011



gosh, i know this feeling. i went four months without putting away my laundry. and i admit to letting dishes sit dirty overnight just so i can fit in ten more minutes of sewing...

good luck with the new machine! mine changed my life completely. :o)


That makes me tired just thinking about it.

Awesome first picture. :)


Ha! Nice job... and ain't it the truth?


amazing picture! i wish there were more of me too but I can't complain in the least - I am childless!! (but does a husband count?)


Our house gets crazy dust bunnies, but I let Mr Belvedere (the Roomba) get them. He's a lifesaver.

I keep thinking about getting a new sewing machine. Hmm. Hmmmmm!


Love that photo!

I had a similar wish - I wanted (still do, actually) to spend 1 whole day per week just eating and sleeping, get it all done, and then the other 6 days I could do other things.

One book I read recently had a phrase in it that I can't get out of my head - "there's more to life than getting things done" - I struggle with understanding that mentality.


Awesome picture! I wish there was more of me too! With 3 kids, and laundry that never ends, and baby bottles to sterilize and knitting to do, sewing... crochet.... photography... crafting... baking... cooking...! Wish there were more of me, or more hours in the day!


Yay for crafting, and wow for 14 quilts! Incredible! I hope you and the family had a lovely Easter holiday.


That photo is just awesome. I keep thinking if one of me could be napping, one working, one hugging the kiddo, and one sewing or otherwise crafting, my life would be perfect.

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