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May 12, 2011


Jen Gough

Happy Birthday! I love how you celebrate your birthday...have a great day!


Happy Novakkah, again! Til next year... :)


Happy birthday, Queen Nova! Your blog is so fun to read, thanks!


aww, happy happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday! You sure know how to celebrate and I love your attitude! Party all month...you deserve it.


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Ebony Robinson

Happy Birthday! I love the way you and your family celebrate.


Happy Birthday on this last day of Novakkah! It's been great fun celebrating with you.

I hope the rest of the year is just as fun!


Happy, happy birthday! My birthday wish for you is that you will live in the moment of each and every moment! As an empty-nest mom I would encourage you to love those little ones to pieces because the day comes all too quickly when they have flown the nest. Your mother's love will equip them to face the world!


Happy Birthday Nova!

You know, I think, that we're coming up on knowing each other for 20 years. I don't think I realized what a good friend you would become when we first met. Perhaps it was the sleep-deprived and addled brains or youthful ignorance. But I must say, I never thought all those years ago of double orders of XL Coolattas would lead to where we are now. But I'm glad it did.

sappy birthday memories concluded. :)


happy birthday, nova! it's been so fun to read these posts all week!


Happy birthday Nova! Looks like an amazing Novakkah was had this year :) Thanks for the giveaway!


Happy Birthday! As someone who generally tries to ignore birthdays I like your approach of totally owning them.


Happy happy birthday! I have enjoyed my second attendance of novakkah, and I always enjoy reading about your adorable boys, and of course your crafting. Cheers to you!

Also, you are correct on the Shibui colorway; that is Wasabi.


Happy, happy birthday to you Nova! Your sentiment about your week-long celebration is so true! Wishing you a year filled with laughter & joy! I look forward to seeing your canning adventures - I first gave it a go in '09 & can't wait to do more this summer now that I'm not traveling for work.


Happiest Birthday Nova!!

Heidi aka Digital Misfit

Happy Novakkah, and best wishes for many Novakkahs to come!


Happy Happy Birthday, Nova!! I'll be crossing my fingers for a bday lunch AND a free parking spot for you today...and many other fun surprises! :)


Happy Birthday Nova!


Happy Birthday!!!


Happy birthday! What a fun way to celebrate!


Happy Birthday, my dear! Novakkah is SO MUCH FUN! Wishing you a wonderful year...


Happy birthday, sweet Nova! Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us. You rock!

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