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January 19, 2012



Oh, you make me feel woefully inadequate. Really, truly. That said, I wish you mad success, particularly with 11. Because I've missed you and love to see the things you make. I need to list my knitting goals soon. One goal is making it's third consecutive appearance on the list, so yeah, no judging here!


Good luck to you! I really enjoy seeing/reading about the work you do. Normally, I like lists too, but I just can't seem to commit my goals for 2012 to paper. Simply, the goal is to finish everything that has been started and clean the basement. The specifics are too much to contemplate. Take care.


I find your ambition inspiring! Best of luck. And I look forward to seeing your progress.

Deborah Kindel

48 quilts! You are certifiably mad, and I am so glad you're my friend and neighbor. If enough of us nutcases gather, then everyone else looks odd.

I only have one thing on my list this year -write. It's amazing how loaded that single word becomes.


I wish you luck! Your goals reminds me of all my sorely neglected craft hobbies, too. Alas designing has taken over my life right now, so I am knitting, but not for myself. One huge goal on my list is to "sleep more" which would mean taking on less work. Hahahaha!

Btw, I have missed your blogging.


Awesome goal list. I'm inspired to make one for myself - though much less ambitious. I'm looking forward to reading about your sweaters!


So... did you quit your job and give the kids away??!? ;) I was with you up 'til the 48 quilts part! I will enjoy seeing what you make, though!


24 quilts in 12 while ALSO knitting 12 knits in 12. It's the addition there that makes me call you crazy. I am super excited to watch it all though!!!


You're a girl after my own crafty heart! I love to make similar goals for myself. I'd honestly rather have high standards for myself (and not make it), than have easily attainable goals and complete them. Bor-ing.
I'm excited for 24 in 12! And spinning! Picking up the spindle and giving it a REAL try is one of my goals.


No laughing here. Just nodding along in disillusioned agreement that yes, all these things seem perfectly reasonable. We crafters...you have to hand it to us...we take what most people consider ambitious and go 10 steps higher.

I hope you do blog more...you are always an inspiration with your crafting. And your posts always make me laugh!

by the way...somehow i started spinning and am looking for some fiber to buy/play with. I found one listing on your site I love but was wondering if you are going to be adding any more in the near future...cuz why buy one when you can buy two?

Stephanie B

Just want to tell you that I love your list and can't wait to see what 2012 actually brings! =)


That is a great list of crafty ideas to do throughout the year. I, too, have an ambitious list to knit year round, no matter what!! Good luck.


Well, with a list like that you will surely achieve greatness on some level. You always do. ; )


Nova, 24 quilts? Twenty-four?!!? I'll be watching.


Not that I doubt you. I realize that you are a superwoman...but 24?

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