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May 05, 2012



Oh, Happy Cinco de Novakkah!!! Hope your birthday week is rockin', as usual!

Pam Hipp

Happy start of Novakkah! My 30th birthday celebration was my most fun. I had a sushi dinner with friends, danced all night, had so much to drink that I barfed into a champagne bucket (and the side walk, and, um, my friend's car), and had a massive hangover the next morning. It was the best birthday because it let me enjoy one last night of my 20s while also making me glad that my irresponsible youth is behind me.


Happy birthday week, Nova! I'm not surprised I didn't see you at Md, as I only ran into one person I knew this year. I didn't know it rained, so I guess we missed it too.

I suppose my best birthdays have been my last 2, celebrating at school with the children, and a quiet dinner at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant with my husband. And cake, obviously.


My best birthday celebration was the 31st, which I spent in sunny Costa Rica with my 2 best friends from college and medical school (same people). Since my birthday is in January, leaving 30 degree temps for balmy, breezy 80 degree ones was a highlight. However, the thing that stands out the most is just the year before I was broke and unemployed with a doctorate (imagine this scenario on YOUR 30th birthday) and how quickly things improved, for the better, within the course of a year. The trip was a lovely way to cement the joy for a new job and the start of a new decade of life.


I think my best would have been my last one. Because it was also the first "date night" with my hubby since our second kid was born, and it was WONDERFUL! All the cheese and chocolate at The Melting Pot was an added bonus!


Huzzah! Birthday month has truly begun. Btw, I might be shamelessly stealing your idea. Just sayin'.

Best birthday ever is still the red mustang convertible and the winemakers dinner. Seriously, it's kind of hard to top. As for color families... surprise me!


Happy start of Novakkah!


Actually, last year was pretty great. It was very chill, so I got to spend most of the day doing whatever I felt like doing (knitting, mostly), one friend took me out for coffee, and yeah. It was just really nice.


happy birthday girlie!!!


Happy Novakkah!

I think my best birthday celebration to date was probably my 30th. All my friends (or as many as are local) at my fave Mexican restaurant. But I have a suspicion this year (34) will be even better.


Happy Novakkah! This year (my 49th) was the most special as my parents were able to be here to celebrate it with me and my family. I have not lived near my folks in 29 years, so it was a big deal!


Happy Novakkah! What a wonderful idea to have a birthday week. Some of my extended family members have adopted that idea, but the only way my birthday celebration lasts for more than a day is if someone is late sending a card or gift! LOL My favorite birthdays were ones when I could celebrate with family. I have a summer birthday which I share with my nephew so many of these family celebrations were at my brother's house where we could swim and have a cookout. My husband and children, my brother and his family and my sister and her husband would all be together. Lots of laughs!


My birthday is 2 days before Valentines Day. I hate valentines day. Except, there its a local improv troupe that does a brilliant V Day show every year. We've gone for the last 2 years.


Fifth Birthday. Wizard of Oz themed party. My dad and I made a paper mache Wicked Witch of the West pinata which we threw water on rather than hitting (not quite successfully) and drew a yellow brick road on our driveway. All the girls came dressed as Dorothy and all the boys as scarecrows, and my dad was the Tin Man and my then 1-year-old brother was the Cowardly Lion.


Last year was my best birthday ever. My friend, who is also my birthday twin (May 13th!!!), and I planned a big event. We went out to dinner with about twenty of our knitting friends and their spouses then headed across the street to finish the night at the bowling alley. It was a birthday to go down in history!


Happy Novakkah! :) love the idea!
My favorite birthday celebration was probably my 30th. A bunch of my girl friends and I had Melting Pot for dinner and then went to 6th street (Austin) with my husband and one of his friends (our designated drivers) and bar hopped. It was a ton of fun! and then everyone crashed at our house after. :)


Yay, Novakkah! Ooh, such a fabulous prize!

Honestly, the last birthday, my 30th, was the best. My sister wrote friends and family and asked them to help her celebrate. I had one gift/card a day for thirty days, with the last day being my birthday. It was so exciting to see who would be next. It wasn't about extravagant gifts, just friendship and love. Pretty awesome, and a great way to ring in thirty.


Handspun! What a lovely gift to offer! Honestly, every birthday is the best birthday ever. Maybe that's due to my inability to remember further back than yesterday. However, the birthday that stands out is the one I spent with my sister visiting my Dad in France. France is a pretty nice place to turn 17 with the food, and the views, and the mellow pace. And all these strangers were being extra nice to me because of my birthday. It ruled.

Jen B

Best Birthday ever was 17 - Snorkeling in Cozumel with my mom & sister. Greatest day ever.


I'm not sure which birthday has been my best. None of them really stands out much in my memory except the ones that do so for negative reasons (nothing majorly bad, just 'first birthday away from home' type of stuff).

What does stand out is the year (I think I was seven) that I had an unbirthday. My grandparents always used to visit at the same time of year as my brother's birthday but were never there for mine, so one year my grandma picked a day while they were there to do all the birthday stuff for me.


Best birthday - will sound pretty boring but my boys planned and made me dinner, had flowers and cake the whole shebang That was my 50th. Not a inner but handspan in red or charcoal would be fabulous


My 18th birthday was pretty great. It fell on a Saturday. I had started college a few weeks earlier, and my friends who were still in our hometown threw me a surprise party in my own backyard. It was wonderful to spend an evening just hanging out with these people I no longer saw every day.


Happy birthday Nova! I still marvel (and love) that you do this every year! I honestly can't remember a 'best' birthday...I've been in the field for my birthday every year since 2000 and so typically forget it is even happening. So maybe I'll say 1998 (25th) cuz I wasn't in the field and I think that is the year John got me a mountain bike.


Happy Birthday, Nova! All birthdays are the best ones (and there are getting to be so many of them for some of us!). The point is to do something different and special each time. You're off to a good start - have a blast!

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