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May 08, 2012



Happy Novakkah! Mmmm... all those canned goodies look just amazing -- reminds me of the bounty that emerged from my grandparents' canning kitchen.

My fancy Nespresso maker is the gift that just keeps on giving! Now that is something that makes me happy every single day.


A climbing certification course. I'd just wanted to try it out, but my boyfriend's family took the next step to make sure I'd actually be qualified to do something after rather than just having a trial lesson. Basically, someone pays for me to learn something new, I'm happy.


A high quality mattress. Ahhh, better nights' sleep makes everything possible.


My mother-in-law gifted me the At Home in Mitford series the year my younger daughter was born. She seemed to never sleep at night, so I was up for the wee hours snuggling a fussy baby. Going to Mitford in those hours kept me sane. Thirteen years later, I still pick up those books when life is too stressful to focus on new reading.

Your banner is awesome, btw!


Definitely my Nook. It's the gift that I use Every. Single. Day.

Runner up would be the year my mom gave me birthday money two months early as we walked into my favorite craft fair. Pure awesome.


The best one for me was a simple Boyle "Learn to Knit" kit that my mom gave me about 6 years ago. And then she taught me how to knit. Wow, that one has really paid off.


Oh, now you've gone and done it. Canned things?! I can't can here or I SO would be canning all the time!! I can't wait to settle somewhere so I can can. I can't think of any more ways to use can in a sentence, so I guess now I CAN answer your question:

My grandfather got me my own sewing machine a year before he died. It's the machine that I made my first quilt on, sewed through college fashion classes on, and every time I use it, I think of him. I didn't know him until I was 17 years old (he got married and sort of abandoned the family), and it was a reluctant and slow path, getting to know each other again, but I miss him so much -- it's nice to have a momento of him that his so practical and useable as well as being sentimental.


yum, yum, yum!

I probably gave the same answer last year - my Knit Picks harmony needles. There is probably no gift I've ever received that I've used more and for as long. It was such a good gift for you to recommend that Rocky give me! :) Except when I am working on socks, it is rare that I use any of my other needles on a project.

katie metzroth

What in the world are dilly beans!?! This is so amazing that you canned all this stuff!....best gift ever? The year I asked for and got a trip to NYC with my girlfriends from the husband. great memories! :)


Definitely my knit pick harmonies. Up until then I was buying a set of new needles each time a project came up. I had probably only been knitting about six months but I knew I was going to keep at it and needed to invest in a better set. My husband gave them to me and although he said it was like buying "old lady gifts", at least I use them all the time, right? I've asked for some Addi Clicks this year. He said, "What will you do with the other needles?" Keep them of course! You can never have too many!


I'mprobably most excited about this Novakkah gift! Mmm, homemade yum!

So, let's see. Gift that keeps on giving.
I would probably choose my Kitchenaid mixer. I use it constantly, and after getting the ice cream attachment, even more so. I know I'll enjoy it as long as it lasts!

Also, if I win, can I pretty please have some dilly beans???


My mom got me an introduction to quilting class maybe five years ago and that has definitely been a gift that keeps on giving. I get to create things, which I love, and almost everything I make, I give away...there have been lots of baby quilts. Probably one of the best gifts ever.


Our first year of marriage, my husband got me a beautiful marble rolling pin for my birthday. Now, we didn't have much money at the time (read practically no money), so this was unexpected. I absolutely loved it and have used it ever since to make pies, cinnamon rolls, sticky buns, pizza crust, etc. much to the delight of my family and friends!


The best gift that keeps on giving that I have received was a set of ski socks from my former husband. After I opened them, he asked to borrow them for his upcoming ski trip and left me at home with our newborn baby, taking my socks with him.

I always wanted to learn how to can. My former husband told me I would mess up and that I was wasting food and money by even trying because he was certain the results would be disastrous.

His gift gave me the courage to realize that I deserved more. I divorced him and eventually fell in love and remarried a man who doesn't complain about the many jars of preserves that now sit on the shelf in the pantry.

Those ski socks were a wonderful gift that has given in so many ways. After they gave me a happier life, I donated them so they can continue to bring joy and warmth to someone who truly wanted them.


Once I started to knit, my boyfriend got me a set of interchangeable knitting needles for holiday. Needless to say, he is a regular recipient of knitwear. If I win and the dilly beans have mysteriously vanished, could I get the recipe? I totally want to can my garden this year!


You don't seem to understand how much I love dilly beans. I can't think of a gift that I've received that has kept on giving except for, say, the Cuisinart, KitchenAid, and other awesome kitchen appliances my parents and/or my boyfriend have given me over the years. But I personally love to give magazine subscriptions. I gave Lauren and Peto a sub to Bon Appetit for their wedding present, and have renewed it annually (because if I renew mine I can renew theirs free!), and it's definitely been a gift that kept on giving!


I have a friend who is the Queen of Canning and has been recognized as such by the Minnesota State fair numerous times (the award is called "Prestigious Processor of the Pantry," I think). Fun!

The gift that keeps on giving - I hope - is the patience I try to hold onto when I am mad at my kids. LOL. I see some fruits of that when my almost-4-yo daughter gets mad. Instead of hitting or biting (as she used to and as her younger sisters still do, sigh), she stomps her feet and expresses her anger verbally.


I'm thinking back... way back to my fifth birthday, when my parents gave me my first real bike. I spent hours and hours on it, and not only learned to ride a bike but learned some independence as I was eventually allowed to ride around the neighbourhood unsupervised (past the neighbourhood waited until I'd outgrown that bike).


My Kindle, especially if you define "keeps on giving" as "sucks my bank account dry." (That's only kind of true. There are a LOT of free titles on Amazon!)


I'd say it's the 30 quart stockpot my husband gave me the first year we dated. He carried it all the way across SF on public transit during rush hour and now I use it constantly for canning and stock making.


A gift I gave which has kept on giving is the piano I bought my son for his birthday last year. He started lessons in the fall, and the rewards in terms of his self-confidence, tenacity, and fine motor coordination have been tremendous.


I saw others have posted the same thing, but I would also have to say that my Kitchenaid mixer is a great gift that keeps on giving, I love to bake and was THRILLED when my brother and sister-in-law got this for me one year...


My spinning wheel!


My Nook ereader. I use it all the time, and love it in ways I could have never have imagined!

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