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May 05, 2013


Emma in France

I spent the second half of my second pregnancy turning up at the hospital in the middle of the night due to gall bladder attacks. I'd usually stay in for a couple of days afterwards. At 3am on the day of my birthday and 41 weeks pregnant I went to hospital with a gall bladder attack that lasted until about 2 hours after my daughter was born three days later!

Also, my birthday is in early June which was right at the start of exam season in the UK so I sat O'level exams on my 16th and A'levels on my 18th.


When I born, it was Thanksgiving day. My siblings have never let me forget that they had to eat eggs and bacon (the only thing my father could cook) instead of a delicious meal.

Melyssa H.

My sister in law got married very near her birthday...it also happened to be very near my husband's birthday, so in brotherly love, he never lets her forget that she stole his birthday that year with all the wedding prep:)


I'm thrilled that you are blogging again!

On my 50th birthday, I had lasik surgery, probably the best gift I ever gave myself. Now, I can see without my glasses, except to read. It't amazing.


So excited to see a new post from you pop up in my feed reader! (Which reminds me - I haven't posted myself since January!)

Let's see - I announced my pregnancy on my birthday 2 years ago, that was a pretty big deal! I also had my first hard drive crash on my birthday back in 2006, the week before my Masters exams, and then my netbook's hard drive crashed on my birthday 3 years after that. I've learned not to reboot computers on my birthday :)


Happy Novakkah! I have sort of the reverse story - I got laid off two days after my 29th birthday. It ... wasn't a lot of fun.


Congratulations! I don't want to enter- I won this last year and some other lucky soul should have the chance to work with your beautiful handspun. I just dropped by to say Happy Birthday. And thank you; I love the mitts I made with your yarn.


My daughter decided to get her hair coloured just before her 18th birthday earlier this month. Against my advice. It didn't work out very well. Looked fine but wasn't what she wanted. So we spent the day before her birthday in the bathroom (twice) spending $50 undoing what had cost $180 to get done! Lessons all round for that birthday. Iwould love some handspun to knit her a hat so she can cover up any more hair mishaps! Welcome back and Happy Birthday to YOU!


I'm glad you're back! I haven't done anything ON my birthday, but I use the occasion to buy myself something/plan for something that won't come due until 6 months later every year -- this way I get two celebrations for the price of one!


Happy Birthday! I enjoy your blog very much and am glad to see you back again.
Speaking of fiber and birthdays...for my own birthday in 2006, I decided to learn to spin and bought myself a spindle and some fiber from Hello Yarn (back in the days when it was possible to visit her shop and buy fiber without a waiting list!) I still spin, I have a wheel now, and I love it. Life-altering in only a small way, but I hold my hobbies in very high esteem.


Happy Birthday! It was so great to see your name pop up! While I'm not sure it was life altering, I did do a sprint triathlon a couple of years ago on my birthday. It was actually a lot of fun!


Yesssssss, you're back! I started a new job(my first real "grown-up" professional job instead of just a retail/retaurant summer job) on my birthday 14 years ago. I met Matt there on that day so I guess it ended up being fairly life altering??


Figures that just when I leave for the field, you start posting again! Happy Birthday Nova and congratulations on your new job! Sounds like the best of both worlds. You and your family look so great by the way! Hmmm...I never even think about my birthday until I start commenting on your birthday posts (although this year I turn the big 4.0. and it has been on my brain more than usual)...so I think the answer would be no. Although I did have a 'typical' 21st birthday which led me to make a life-altering decision to never ever drink so much that it would make me sick again. Does that count? ;)


I was so excited to see your post! I've missed your blog. My birthday is never very exciting - it's in the middle of January and everyone is pooped out from the holidays. But one year I had to go on my first business trip by myself on my birthday. I flew alone, rented a car, drove to a faraway suburb, found a yarn store, and spent a snowy night alone. It really wasn't too bad, and I was pretty proud of myself. Still mad I missed my birthday, though.


I started my first full-time post-grad school job--which I still have--two days before my 30th birthday. They invited me to the office holiday party that Saturday but I was having a Back to the Future-themed party so I had to miss it. (Also, who does holiday parties in mid-November?)


On my 23rd birthday, I moved to New York from the UK. I've been here for nine years and flipped my numbers :)


Glad your job seems to be going well so far! Two years ago, I defended my dissertation two days after my 30th birthday. This year's celebration was less fun in a way; I was recovering from thyroid surgery. However, we did get to celebrate that there was no cancer and I'm healthy, so that's a pretty awesome birthday gift, I think!


Hi happy Novakkah - really awesome you do this. Okay so - my twins were born in Dec. and my birthday is Feb. On my birthday I decided I would/could no longer dye my hair because I just couldn't manage the upkeep. So I chopped off my hair and let it grow out to its natural grey (yes i had my twins at 41 and my natural hair colour at that point was grey!) Best decision i ever made since I get tons of compliments on the colour and no longer have to deal with messy, expensive dye jobs!


Happy Birthday! Glad to see you back. A few years ago i forgot that it was my birthday until my family started wishing my happy birthday. It was strange for me to forget, but I was so happy that I was blessed with many more years.


I'll go completely strange for the 1st day of Novakkah... on my birthday in 1996, I started summer school and got a new roommate. Janice! I told Janice at the time I wanted her to be my roommate because she wouldn't get me in trouble (and you know who else was there so you know it was true!). I'm not sure that's always been the case, but I'm so glad I found a friend for life. Knowing Janice has been one of the best things about my life in the years since. And pretty life altering. Or life enriching. :)


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