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May 08, 2014


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I think the best gift I've given is the wedding stole I knit for one of my closest friends. It was the first piece of lace I've done with actual laceweight, and I put so much time, sweat and tears into that shawl! And nupps! Nothing says love like nupps. :)


Interesting. My mother has been seeing an acupuncturist and she's always felt as you have... and, as a result, has also had some relief from her symptoms!

The best give I've ever given. Hm. Well, most recently was a pile o' handknits that I gave to my daughter at her baby shower. It comes around, too, every time I see my grandson wearing a handknit sweater or hat or using a blanket!


I gave my sister a latch hooked rug that had 27,000 pieces of yarn and she gave me a kit to make a rug. ;0) we still laugh about it.

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