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george cardigan

george cardigan

george cardigan

Pattern: by Martin Storey from Jaeger JB29, 27 Garments for Babies and Children

Yarn: Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Doubleknitting (I can not articulate my sadness for the discontinuation of this yarn). Shade 789, I like to call it "walnut" but you can call it whatever you want

Needles: US 6 & 8 (or, if you'd prefer, 3.25 & 4.0 mm)

I knit the 3-4 year old size; but as I mentioned in the post, English kids are, apparently, smaller than American ones (or American ones tend to be larger--I am not making any sort of assessments on parenting and nutrition here, there have been studies). I had to block this thing like it was my job for my 2 year old to wear it; but, he has a Buddha-belly, maybe yours doesn't?

I accidentally (because why would I do it on purpose?) knit one less cable repeat on the wearer's left fron panel so that side is a bit shorter and the pocket is raised but it isn't extremely noticeable. I think the only person who would care about it is my mother, and I don't even think she would notice it if I didn't point it out to her. Good enough.

It's too bad that Jaeger discontinued this yarn. It's a nice quality superwash wool yarn, you might be able to find it randomly. If you find it (and you are not allergic to wool), you should snap it up quick-like.

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