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happy squares (babette 1.0)

happy squares (babette 1.0)

happy squares, or babette 1.0- babette

Pattern: Babette by Kathy Merrick here.

Yarn: Loads of it -
Elann Peruvian Highland Wool: Rose (2), Goldenrod (2)
Lion Brand Wool Solids: Fern (2), Pumpkin (2), and Purple (2)
Knit Picks Wool of the Andes: Red (2), Avocado (3), Grass (2), Spruce (2), Williamsburg (2), Tulip (2), Maple Syrup (2)

Hook: H

This is an easy pattern, the block is basic and intuitive and the pattern is easy to understand. I substituted worsted weight wool for the fingering weight prescribed in the pattern, because an afghan with fingering weight yarn seems bordeline crazy pants to me. So I had to up the hook size because of the change of yarn weight. I used different colors than those suggested in the pattern, I changed colors when the pattern told me to; but used my own colors. I also ended up switching around the squares after I laid it out to optimize the color array.

I left off section 10 of the pattern, and made all the squares in sections 1-8. For section 9, I made most of the squares but ended up tweaking it to get the size I wanted. It all worked out very well.

I used a lot of yarn in this blanket. I had to mix brands to get the colors that I wanted. I am a fan of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes, it's a good work house wool and it's actually pretty soft.

The Lion Wool is great wool too, good and sturdy, pretty soft (it's no merino, but it doesn't claim to be), and it comes in some pretty rich colors, the purple is fantastic.

And then there is the Elann Peruvian Highland Wool, which I think is terrible yarn. It's overly splitty. I really liked the range of yellows and pinks that were offered on the site; but, I think the quality, in comparison to the other wool I have worked with is poor. The quality of the wool made me reconfigure the way this afghan was made, It was originally going to bed edged in the yellow and rose-ish yarns, but that wouldn't have worked.

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