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montego bay scarf

montego bay scarf

Montego Bay Scarf

Pattern: Montego Bay Scarf by Amy R. Singer, in the Summer 2007 issue of Interweave Knits.

Yarn: Merino/Cashmere in Cherries from the Knittery

Needles: US 9 Circular

Notes/Thoughts/Etcetera: Very Easy lace pattern, and it looks nice when all is said and done (or knit). I substituted a wooly fingering weight instead of using the prescribed silky laceweight. It makes for a slightly different scarf; but, it's lovely, all the same. Because I swtiched up the yarn weight, I went up a needle size and I cast on 31 stitches, which is less than the pattern suggests. I also didn't add fringe, it seemed unnecessary, and I didn't think I would have enough yarn.

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