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percy shawl

percy shawl

Percy Shawl

Pattern: Percy/by Sanne Kalkman (Bit of Knit)

Yarn: Zephyr Wool/Silk in Steel

Needles: 2.75 mm/US 2

Notes/Thoughts/Etcetera: I loved knitting this shawl (after I got the corrected pdf’s–my fault for not checking for updates). It’s a great pattern, the charts are clear, I found that I needed to concentrate on the charts a little more during the majority of the knitting because the right and wrong sides were both charted, but, it became intuitive after a while. The nupps are a nice addition, and the overall design is interesting to knit and fun to look at.

The only modification I made was to do another repeat of chart A to better balance out the shawl. I did’t want the chart A portion to be too anemic looking compared to the space of the knitted design of Charts B and C. I am really happy with it.

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