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red silk scrumptious

red silk scrumptious

red silk handwoven scarf

Pattern: It's a plain woven (tabby) scarf, (it was done on a rigid heddle loom)

Final Measurement: (Without fringe) 8" x 73.5" (fringe adds 8 inches to length)

Materials/Yarn: Art Fibers Golden Chai Tussah Silk (for warp and weft), I think* I used a little over 400 yards, I bought is by weight so I don't really remember the yardage.

Sett: 10 e.p.i.

Thoughts: This is woven pretty loosely, the drape is awesome. The fabric feels really soft and luxurious. The yarn has a thick/thin texture and is a little variegated, it's actually gorgeous.

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