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100 or so things about me

1. I was born in Pensacola, Florida…it is very hot there, and humid…very humid.
2. I could not wait to leave my hometown; and after high school, I promptly left.
3. I am a knitter.
4. I first learned to knit when I was 7 from my GRANDFATHER, but he got frustrated while teaching me so it didn’t stick. Then a friend taught me the basics again in 2004, because “it’s the easiest thing in the world.”
5. I don’t think knitting is the easiest thing in the world, I think that’s why I like it. Mostly, I am learning to knit from books.
6. I believe that you can learn just about anything from a book if you try hard enough.
7. I am also a quilter (I learned from a book!).
8. I like to cook, particularly bake.
9. I love to eat. No, I mean I really love to eat. Few things make me happier than food.
10. My favorite food is anything Asian that is not raw (vegetables excluded).
11. I have strong olfactory senses. I can discern smells easily and am therefore sensitive to fragrances and odors.
12. I do not like to wear moisturizing products that smell like anything edible. I have no desire to smell like a cookie, cake or fruit, it would make me hungry and I am generally hungry enough…
13. I am an archivist.
14. I am also a special collections librarian, sort of.
15. And in my spare time at work, I am also a records manager.
16. I hate managing current records.
17. I graduated from a military service academy, this often shocks people.
18. I got in trouble at that military service academy because I found everything humorous…like getting yelled at by someone who was two years older than me…silly.
19. I became a veteran at the age of 22.
20. I once considered being a teacher, and then I sat in on a class and knew that I didn’t have the patience to deal with other people’s children.
21. I didn’t like babies until I had my own.
22. I became a mom in March of 2006, it changed my whole world…
23. Oddly enough, becoming a mother made me considerably more relaxed (but I am still pretty “type-A,” just less so).
24. I can not call an ugly baby cute…to me an ugly baby is an ugly baby, it’s not polite to lie.
25. I was an ugly baby.
26. I think my son is the cutest baby, ever. Apparently, this is a common thing for mothers to believe.
27. I feel guilty about putting my son in daycare, so my husband and I call it “school” like that really justifies it.
28. I don’t feel as guilty about daycare as I would if my son didn’t like it; he has friends already proving that he is more of an extrovert than either my husband or me.
29. I have always wanted to call my husband “Special K” but realize that his personality would not work with the nickname; that, and he doesn’t like nicknames.
30. I like nicknames.
31. My name was supposed to be Mildred but my dad couldn’t remember what my name was supposed to be when I was born 2 ½ months early so he named me Nova, because that is what he learned about in the astronomy class that he had come from, supernovas.
32. My mother could not pronounce my name at first. She is Korean and there is no “V” in the Korean language, but there is a “B” sound. When she gets really mad at me she pronounces my name with a B, “Noba,” this makes me laugh and my laughter usually angers her more.
33. My mother delivered me herself in the bathtub of her apartment while my dad was in his astronomy class.
34. I have never taken an astronomy class nor do I ever plan to.
35. I grew up an only child and had imaginary friends till I was 5 and started kindergarten.
36. I liked my imaginary friends better than the friends I had in kindergarten.
37. I am a working mother because I am somewhat materialistic (but not in a bad way).
38. I like to buy yarn…lots of it…and often.
39. I am better at collecting yarn and knitting patterns than I am at actually using the yarn and knitting patterns to produce knitted products (see 13).
40. I like to buy cookbooks.
41. I read cookbooks like most people read novels.
42. I like to read novels too; actually, I like to read anything—but I prefer literature.
43. I am a bibliophile.
44. My favorite children’s book is The Secret Garden.
45. My favorite authors are George Eliot and Margaret Atwood…what do you make of that?.
46. I can not start a book and not finish it, even if the book is crap.
47. I like to read the endings of books first.
48. I don’t like surprises...
49. Unless the surprise is a gift. I like getting gifts, like food, they make me happy.
50. I like gifts so much I turned my birthday into a week long celebration called birthday week. And because 7 days of celebration isn’t enough, I changed it to a “Birthday-kah Celebration,” so now I celebrate Novakkah every year.
51. I think there are few things better than 8 days of gift-giving.
52. My husband doesn’t care for Novakkah because it is taxing for him to figure out gifts to get me, this is something I do not understand as my interests are great and varied.
53. I love giving gifts to others.
54. I actually like giving gifts more than I like to get them.
55. I send thank you notes.
56. It irks me when others do not send thank you notes.
57. I write letters, real ones that require a stamp from the U.S. Postal Service.
58. Some of my friends call me an etiquette freak.
59. I don’t mind being called an etiquette freak.
60. After watching “Desperate Housewives”, it took me a while to figure out what was wrong with Bree Van DeKamp (Marcia Cross’s character), I totally related with her…
61. I now recognize that there is such a thing as “too much etiquette.”
62. I watch an unhealthy amount of television; I know I should watch less.
63. To keep track of all the television shows I watch I have had to make a spreadsheet and develop a system recording on multiple VCRs, it’s very efficient system.
64. I am worried that VCRs will be completely replaced by Tivo, because I like my system.
65. Format obsolescence scares me; this is mostly due to my being an archivist.
66. I like to do yoga, it makes me feel strong and it’s the only form of exercise that I care for besides swimming.
67. Swimming in chlorinated water wrecks my hair, which is why I don’t swim much any more.
68. I am not very athletic. I find most forms of exercise to be somewhat tortuous.
69. The primary reason that I don’t care for exercise is because it makes you sweat…I do not like sweating.
70. I believe in God.
71. Some of my closest friends don’t believe in God and it doesn’t bother me; and my believing in God doesn’t bother them, at least they haven’t said so…so I am making an assumption here.
72. I have always wanted a dog but am nervous about the responsibility and money owning a dog would entail (so I had a baby instead).
73. I dislike cats, I am not sure why.
74. I don’t understand why most librarians and archivists are cat people. It really confuses me.
75. I think I get why most knitters are cat people though.
76. I am pretty much an introvert. I do not get positive energy from other people, overly extroverted people make me anxious.
77. Before I had a baby I could (and actually did) function on 3-4 hours of sleep, I now need at least 8 or I am useless.
78. Most days I operate at the level of “useless” because I don’t always get 8 hours of sleep. Too many things to do, not enough hours in the day.
79. My hair is naturally curly, but I wish it were straight.
80. I know how to play the piano but have always wanted to play the viola.
81. I consider purchasing a viola often; but talk myself out of it because I have no idea how to play the viola therefore making the considered purchase ludicrous.
82. My favorite music is that which is dominated by a strong piano base regardless of who is singing or what is being sung.
83. My music collection is great and varied.
84. I love i-tunes not because it has revolutionized music; but more because it is an ingenious matrix of databases.
85. I will organize anything I can into a database.
86. My book collection is cataloged in a database and arranged by Library of Congress classification, because that is just the sort of person I am.
87. I recognize that I am something of a dork.
88. My husband (Special K) is smarter than I am.
89. I am germaphobic.
90. Sick people make me antsy.
91. When I am sick, I do not like being around other people because I am afraid that I will infect them which will make them, in turn, infect other people.
92. It is my belief that friendship is the sort of thing that happens and is maintained naturally, it’s not something you have to “work at.” If it were, I would have fewer friends.
93. My closest friends lead far more exciting lives than I do, I live vicariously through them.
94. I take a significant amount of pleasure in leading a relatively low-key kind of life. Action and adventure requires too much energy.
95. On a macro level (whatever that means), I am a lazy person.
96. On a micro level, once I get moving, I am rather persnickety about getting things done, in the “right” way.
97. I like rules. I believe rules must exist for order…in everything.
98. I tend not to break rules.
99. It burns my biscuits when people do not follow traffic laws or traffic rules, as it were.
100. The one time I broke a traffic law (unintentionally, naturally), I got a citation/ticket, it was 4 years ago and I still feel guilty about it. I was speeding…no, there was no fire.
101. I don’t really like driving. I am a fan of public transportation…my enthusiasm has nothing to do about the environment and everything to do with convenience and accomplishing many tasks at once (I love how you can knit or read or sleep while commuting on public transport, it’s so terribly efficient)…
102. I am very much a “kill two birds with one stone” kind of person.
103. My favorite colors are earth tones, shades prevalent in the autumn are the colors I care for most, specifically brown (I know, how very un-sexy of me).
104. I do not like pastel colors. They bore me; I think they bore most people, but I could be wrong.
105. I find awkward social situations humorous.
106. I am a pretty content with my lot in life; and often, I feel like I have more than I deserve.