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February 21, 2007



My little cousins love penguins too - what it is about them??? the mitts look great - even without thumbs!


I love Little Sir at the aquarium! His pissed-off face is too much.


Penguins really are the coolest animals in the world. I'm personally afraid of aquariums (all that water behind glass!), but the penguin area is always fun :)


The look of wonder on his face in that last picture is precious!! Thumbless Anemoi is beautiful!


That face is too cute - even when scrunched up. I'd definitely pick up that hitchhiker - especially if those mittens were involved!


Hi, Nova!
Little Sir is very cute, and I totally agree on the penguins vs fish. Seals can be fun to watch, too.

The mitten looks great!


That little face is just precious, and you can use it later during the teen years as leverage if you need it;) Your mittens are great looking. Can't wait to see them done!


So cute!!
I hope your thumbs have warmed up.


Man, I could look at Little Sir all day. So.Freakin.Cute.


scarey face and all he is absolutely adorable. my little one is losing those chubby cheeks and it makes me sad -- give 'em a squeeze (gently of course) in my honor :o)

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