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February 16, 2007



Beautiful! Makes me want to get back to my second mitten which is stuck in the land of corrugated ribbing. Have fun tomorrow with Little Sir.


ooh, anemoi is looking fabulous... i was the same way when i knit mine; i didn't mind one bit when i had to rip back to fix mistakes. i think i was hypnotized by watching the color pattern work up :)


Love the new mittens. Hm, I may need to make a pair.


I had been eyeing the Anemoi pattern for a while...but your picture just did me in. Must. Knit. The mittens. Your colors are so gorgeous...icy blue and snowy white. Just plain lovely. :) I'm going to try it with a solid and a varigated and see what I get...


I am so very jealous of all of this spare time you seem to have to knit your pretty mittens. I have been stuck in the library with nose-in-books for far too much of this week. And the weekend will be more of the same. I'll just have to settle for watching yours progress...


Those are gorgeous so far!


I continue to love those mittens in those colors. I may be repeating myself here when I say that I generally have no interest in stranded knitting, but those mittens weaken my resolve. Is the pattern well written? Is is something a non-accomplished strander could manage?

I'm hoping for the non-screeching option for you as well. Have a great weekend!


Beautiful mittens!


Your Anemoi look wonderful. The Koigu is a perfect choice.
I hope Little Sir enjoyed his swim.


Those are going to be so nice and in koigu no less!!


you are making fast progress - Koigu and stranded knitting are addictive! :)

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