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March 29, 2007



there are quite a few bland colors in the WIP list - maybe knitting a little with some of the GREAT koigu you just got will pump you up to get back to them?


You know what's really funny is that every time I wear my Chevron, someone is guaranteed to say something along the lines of "wow! That's really colorful....for you."

Your Koigu looks great--can't wait to see how all the colors combine!


Oh Nova! You must get your mojo back because those projects are so awesome. I want to see them finished, pretty please?


I know what you mean... a month ago I hit the wall during my Mother's Christmas... birthday... ???? socks. I switched to a scarf, climbed on the baby wear bandwagon and VOILA!!! Mo Jo returns. I abandoned the socks, but found better yarn and I'm knitting away. NOVA -- YOU MUST DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to retain the mojo... it's too much fun to read about :~)

Oh, and I told my folks about your birthday fun. My Dad said his favorite birthday memory for me was just a couple years ago... when my brother forgot my birthday... yeah, that's right, MY TWIN BROTHER...


I completely sympathize about the project specific knitting mojo disappearances. I have too many projects in progress hidden away in my closet, all of which I just went from yay to meh about. I so glad the koigu brought the knitting mojo running back. The colors you chose are fantastic! I can't wait to see your scarf! (By the way, I loved the file name for your turtle in progress...I have many UFO filed in my mind under the same adjective. :) )


i lose the mojo on occasion too but i swear, don't sweat it. it'll come back. and since i'm in *ahem* a slight slump, i must know what pattern are you using for the blue sock you started in CA...love the texture!


Seeing all those projects I almost wanted to volunteer to finish them! They are really great BUT I know it's new to me and old stuff to you. Then I had the same thoughts towards the end of my reading your post, "This girl needs some Koigu!" And what does she do? You haven't even touched it yet and you're cured of the knitting blues! You'll have to check an earlier post on my blog, I did a Koigu scarf as well. A chevron but a different pattern. You'll love it! Of course you know that a Koigu shawl is perfect for summer in the AC!!


So have these WIPs officially become UFOs? Be easy on yourself and save them for next winter.


Glad to hear you're excited about your current project. A little :) koigu always seems get the knitting mojo going.


Yes, the chevron scarf cures, well, pretty much everything. Can I just say that I'm having withdrawal from finishing mine? I don't know how I finished it so quickly?? I want to start another one. Can't wait to see yours!!


You ordered beautiful colors! Can't wait to see how they knit up! Your WIPs look great. I hope you finish them! I bet your chevron scarf would look great with the cabled sweater.

Christy / Not Hip

Ack! That red/orange/black one is making me drool. I hope you get your mojo back...especially b/c I want to see the finished Arwen...and the scarf.


I really think those icy cold colors of Project Spectrum helped so many of us to lose our mojo. You saw the extreme that I went to to get my mojo back. Yeah for Koigu (though I've never knitted with it)!!

I can't wait to see your scarf.


Yup, those Chevrons will get you!!
Brave girl, airing your UFOs. Good Luck.


Oh yes, I am terribly entrenched in the subtle monochromes myself, and I must admit I was captivated by Ashley's scarf. An excellent choice for a foray into bright colors, I say!


Nice! I'm looking forward to seeing progress on the new scarf.


I LOVE reading your posts!!!
Those are 4 beautiful skeins of Koigu ...I can't wait to see your combo for the Chevron scarf!


Koigu. Good for the soul. Did you set up a lightbox for those photos? What's your background?


Chevron did it for me! The mojo is back, and I'm eyeing that little toy you're knitting. Thinking a toy might round out the trio of knitted gifts I'm making my nephew, who's due soon, soon, soon! Is that Shine Sport? What's the pattern?

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