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March 09, 2007



The STR will make a wonderful pair of Monkey socks. That is such a beautiful color.
I love the Korknisse that Elli sent. So cute!


Someone wants to be outside! Hope you have a great trip!


aww, he'll have such a good time at the zoo. take lots of snacks... the place is so big, you'll likely be there for at least half a day!


You know I love the Monkey and the STRs so gotta love STR Monkeys!

You deserve a getaway. Have fun!


I LOVE that little Trellis Sweater - I've had it printed off just waiting for someone to have a baby! and STR Monkey Socks....perfect - looks like perfect trip knitting! Have a great vacation....wait until Little Sir sees and crawls in grass...He won't need Sea World or the Zoo....grass is crazy enough!


The Trellis Sweater will be perfect for Little Sir (although my guess is he is not very much into fashion).

Have a safe and fun trip to So. CA! The polar bear exhibit at the San Diego Zoo was my favorite.


Have a great time! I think everyone I know needs to "get away" these days. It's the post-February pre-Spring blues :)


I hope you and the family have a wonderful week away and that you make some good progress turning that yarn into its destined final form. Maybe the desk elves will have magically cleaned up your desk by the time you return.


Enjoy your time away! Enjoy Trellis, too. I loved knitting that for Peanut and got so many compliments on it.


I completely understand you need to get away. My desk and lab bench are similar disaster areas...sigh. I wish you a wonderful trip away from it all! The SD zoo is absolutely amazing. Little Sir will have a spectacular time. :) I hope you get a chance to transform that beautiful skein of STR in to some terrific monkeys too!


Are you coming to San Diego? I live in San Diego! Any interest in meeting up if we can find a jive in our schedules? I love the Zoo, and we can get in free with a military ID! Email me.


Thanks for that work pic...makes me nostalgic for the piles and piles that you can't escape in the archives.

Have a great trip!


The idea of time away sounds fantastic! Hope you guys have a wonderful time and the knitting is good :o)


I'm looking forward to your Trellis. It was the first sweater I made for my son, & it still makes me cry whenever I see it. I really do love that pattern.


He'll love the zoo! Have an excellent time!


have a wonderful time! it's getting warmer here - 50's - so I'm not as jealous as I would have been last week!! :)

Christy / Not Hip

Well, your space definitely looks pristine compared to my work space. Then again, I do work in an art room, so I have somewhat of an excuse. Have fun on vacation.

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