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April 16, 2007



Oh that sock is as good as done in my book! ;)


Love the blue of the socks. The turtle is too cute - needs to be completed!


If "to Kitchener" is not a verb, then I don't want to speak English anymore.


that is totally a verb! :) you should get one of those I cord makers you could crank it out in no time! What about overdying the leftover yarn to make the colors deeper and thus the pink more red?


Love the blues in that sock and that kitchener will take no time at all! Your conference sounds like fun - I wish there was interesting, creative days like that in my field - my only conferences are computer nerd fests. The nerds are awesome - the material a bit dry.


Sounds like your conference was amazing. And now thanks to you, I have that pirate song in my head, playing over, and over, and over...


That blue sock looks gorgeous! I hope you'll give us the specs in a future post.

Glad you enjoyed the conference! They can be either energizing or stultifying...glad you landed on the right side of that dichotomy this time.


I think kitchenered is a terrific verb! And the sock look awesome.


I have the same problem with finishing little things! I have a Norberta baby dragon just waiting to have her left arm and a face sewn on. The reason I haven't done it? The yarn is in the basket under her...exactly.
Hope to see you in Chicago this summer!

Christy / Not Hip

I have that remorse too. My sister's stupid Equestrian Blazer has been hanging over my head.
I love artist's books. I had the opportunity to learn bookmaking in Italy...so much fun, and there was a great exhibit of artist's books that I got to see. I think they are so interesting.


Chicago, what fun! Did you use a photo box to take you pictures?


Now I want to be an archivist too! Glad you had a great time! The knits look good. The blues in the sock are so pretty, much like the blues in a sweater I'm starting. What is the yarn?


Oooh, this will be fun! Archivists unite! Now I just need to decide what yarn to use for my version of the scarf...

The conference sounds so great. I used to work at a library with a large collection of artist's books and rare books. Amazing pieces. Very inspirational!


What do you mean Kitchenered is not a verb? I could've sworn it was. And frogged as well ;o)


Sounds like a heavenly conference for those of us that live to work with our hands. The Bird of Paradise leftovers? I'm thinking girly baby socks for a shower gift. Don't forget the pink so soon!!! Oh, I think 'Big Sir' is waiting patiently for his turtle.


How about using the left over yarn for a baby hat or baby socks?

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