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April 03, 2007



The scarf looks fab! (Even with the hot pink.) ;)


I feel the same way about the pink and don't like the way it's working up as an RPM sock. I've also been searching my stash for a chevron scarf, so I may follow your lead! Thanks!


You may like it, but I LOVE it. What a perfect se for the yarn (which I would have totally hated in sock form, BTW).

Hope you feel better soon...


I have 2 skeins of seriously pink (Pepto Bismal) Lorna's Laces - I bought them online and they were called "peach" and looked peach - but this is PINK! I am trying to decide if I should just go for it and knit PINK socks considering Project Spectrum and all - but I haven't cast on.....(maybe I should get out the dye pot!)
Your Scarf is gorgeous!


the scarf looks great - is it the sundara and koigu combo??


I listened to that book, too - kept me awake on several long late-night drives. I love Amy's sense of humor, and I agree that her reading really added to it.

And I too am not a fan of pink in general, but I think it really does work in the combination for that scarf. I like it!


I *love* how that's knitting up!


The scarf looks great! I, too, was not thrilled with that Petals Collection yarn. Mine looks much more highlighter orange than pink (I love pink and hot pink--and my yarn isn't it). In fact the yellow and green are pretty highlighter in my skein. I think you've found an excellent use for the yarn.

I hope you feel better soon! Do you think you could have chronic allergies? I went to my doctor a couple years ago complaining of exhaustion even though I slept a lot. She said allergies. I didn't believe her, but she was right.


I like this version. Very nice.


I, too, LOVE the scarf -- it is beautiful!

I hope you get better soon.


The scarf knit up looks beautiful- I would have never guessed it was the Bird of Paradise yarn, guess the koigu you're using balances it out. I hope you feel better soon.


The scarf knit up looks beautiful- I would have never guessed it was the Bird of Paradise yarn, guess the koigu you're using balances it out. I hope you feel better soon.


It looks great! And I've seen much hotter pinks. And when mixed in with all the other colors, this pink seems to know its place.


The scarf is lovely indeed. I like it too.

And I hope you're feeling much better soon!


Hi! I'm the archivist/blogreader you met on Saturday and I didn't get sick! I have to agree that the conference was a bit lack luster, but now I know.
The scarf looks wudebar!
Hope to see you around at more events.


Oh the drama! I'm glad it all came to a happy conclusion. I love the scarf.


I like it too! I'm also not a fan of the guava-like pink, especially in combination with green and yellow, but those colors look wonderful in the scarf! (and certainly worth braving that detangling for). Which koigu color are you pairing it with?
Hope the illness has moved on!


That is a truly, truly excellent example of the chevron scarf. that yarn was practically made for it!

Christy / Not Hip

I like you, too. Oh, I mean I like your scarf, too. Okay both. Thanks for the recommendation for "I like you" in audiobook form. It makes sense that it would work really well with her reading it. I love all the interviews that I hear with her. I often have problems with audiobooks if I don't feel the voice is correct...but of course with her, it would be.


So sorry you're still not well. Yuck. Little Miss Amelie just got an ear infection and pink eye. Oh yay! Poor, miserable little bean.

I do like your chevron scarf in that yarn. I'm not much of a pink fan, either, but somehow that stitch pattern really makes it work!


I received your lovely package. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the sweet packaging. I posted about it today on my blog.

I'm so sorry you're not well and hope you recover soon.


I love your solution of combining a yarn with another to give a different overall color profile. And I do love those scarves...I might have to make one myself.

I came over from Molecular Knitting - you used beautiful ribbon!


I just went back and read your most recent entries, and I wanted to say I'm Korean-born married to a caucasian man, and I love your little Sir! We're hoping to have beautiful biracial children. Unfortunately, I doubt we'll do a 1-year celebration like yours, because I'm adopted so my mom isn't really up to that sort of thing!


You know, I did love the colors until I started knitting with them - they're so bright and I'm not a bright person. Fortunately my daughters are they love it!


Nice job making the pattern and yarn come together. I love the chevron scarf. It looks fantastic.

I hope you feel better very soon.

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