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April 06, 2007



Try these (found them recently):


I looooove carrot cake - I was going to try the cupcakes this weekend!


If I may put forth a very decided opinion, you DEFINITELY want one with (crushed) pineapple--it keeps the cake so moist. Delish!


Hey! It's my birthday today, and guess what?? I'm getting a carrot cake b-day cake! It's my absolute favorite cake. And can I also say that I am LOVING your chevron scarf! What a great idea to use your Sundara sock club yarn for it. It's fantastic!

Can't wait to see Little Sir in bunny ears!


Carrot cake is my oldest sons favorite. I like to add ALL of the ingredients different cakes call for. (coconut, nuts, raisins and the pineapple) Cream cheese frosting of course!

The 'Chevy' is wonderful. What a creative 'shot' too, rolling it like that with the unworked Koigu right next to it! Is there anything Koigu doesn't do right?


I made it onto the blog! Of course, it had to be because of my husband's penchant for baked goods and my inability to do more than a boxed cake. Nonetheless-I'm in and I'm famous!!! Now I must learn to knit so I can become a regular.


I assume your quest for the perfect carrot cake encompasses a quest for the perfect cream cheese frosting? Because I'm of the opinion that the frosting makes or breaks that carrot cake. For me it's key that it be more tangy and less sweet, but of course your friends may have other preferences. Mmmm, now I want carrot cake. Stupid Passover.

Good luck!


Mmmmm ... carrot cake! Please don't ruin it by putting yucky raisins in it. Ick! Cream cheese frosting, however, is a necessity.


Go for the one with pineapple. Steamed raisins sound like too much trouble indeed. Don't forget the walnuts! Happy Easter.


Carrot cake is very yummy. I've made a few, and my advice is to avoid the pineapple (even well drained, it makes the cake pretty wet). My husband's recipe uses carrots, spices and finely chopped pecans. Steamed raisins don't sound yummy.

Happy Easter!


I happen to have the very best carrot cake recipe... it's a family secret but I might be persuaded to share it with you... :)


sadly i am not a devotee of the carrot cake so i'm curious to see what you end up with. and good luck!


Yumm.....carrot cake....

Hey BMFA has medium weight back in stock. I totally overbought to make a few chevron scarves!


Yes, definitely have plans to enjoy my "Saturday and Sunday." Carrot cake is deeelish. Try zuchinni bread next. It's all about the moisture.


My input is to not read your blog until after you make the carrot cake... otherwise you will be in a constant state of indecision until Monday.

Or, you can make different versions with everyone's different favorite, fed ex a slice of each version to each person and we can vote... yeah! I'll make the sacrifice, just for you... Carrot cake -- yum!


Carrot cake has always been my favorite--it was my birthday cake a lot as a kid (mom wanted a "healthy" alternative). My go-to carrot cake recipe involves crushed pineapple. I find that it doesn't affect the taste at all, it just keeps it moist. Throw tons in, and definitely raisins, but not necessarily steamed. Really, the only thing that matters is that it isn't dry and that it features a cream cheese frosting--the rest is all just ancillary!


I love carrot cake but have never made it (though I did make a smashing banana bread the other day...fruit, veggie, similar, no?) so can't help much except wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect recipe. I'm very curious about your dad's search for the perfect bread pudding recipe though. Has he found the formula for the ideal specimen? Can he share it? (I love, love bread pudding and try out every recipe that I get my hands on...)
Chevy is looking great! Hope you do convince Little Sir that he loves bunny ears, or at least can tolerate them long enough for us to see an adorable picture. :)

Christy / Not Hip

Mmmm Make sure to let us know which one is best. I love me some carrot cake.


The first carrot cake my mom ever made was a yellow Betty Crocker cake with cut up pieces of carrots in it. Hope yours is better!


The Chevy is fantastic.

Hope the carrot cake came out well, which recipe did you go with? Carrot cake is a favorite of one of my friends - who also celebrates birthday week. I tried to make her carrot cake cupcakes last year and something went wrong...really wrong. They didn't rise and were not edible when they came out of the oven, though she pretended they were still tasty. :)

Last night's baking was more successful - Martha's chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Yum!

Happy Easter!


I hope your cake turned out well, whether with steamed raisins or without! Can you really go wrong with SUGAR?

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