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April 23, 2007



those are some very pretty cakes! my photo set up is similar - 2 big pieces of paper propped up against the wall!


Nothing wrong with lo-tech! I know the best time for me to take photos is mid morning so I'm usually trying to get the shot set up and fend off the kids so I'm glad to see your shot behind the shot...it looks all too familiar!


Yum! My photo magic is similar when I can get all my items to fit on it. It's just a piece of white poster board. I need to find a bigger one soon.


It's still magic - we still get to see the pretty yarn!


Thanks for showing behind-the-scenes! I need to try this. Great yarn cakes and of course, he is adorable. :)


You have the cutest photo shoot assistant.


Looks pretty, however you do it!


I think we all suspect that most blog shots only show the best of the best in their photos. At least you've got a cutie cakes helper. :)


He-he! I use the same low-tech set up, but alas, there is no adorable baby to help with mine!

That is some yummy yarn!


It may be lo-tech, but the photo looks great. What beautiful yarns! And your assistant looks quite helpful and very cute! ;)


Yum. Yarn cake...my favorite! Especially since I am gluten intolerant ;-) Though as much as I love yarn cake I have to say that your little guy is so cute he steals the show in all his pictures!


What? Cardboard? Toddlers running rampant? What kind of low-rent blog is this? I'm out of here.

Before I go, though, the yarn looks great. :)


Great haul. The one with the hint of green (of course) is definitely my favorite.

By the way, your view is way better than ours!

Christy / Not Hip

You better watch that yarn, Little Sir looks quite fascinated with it.


Beautiful cakes....and since I'm catching up, I gotta tell you Sheldon is the cutest knit toy I've seen (love the background in those shots!) AND Chevron is BEAUTIFUL - pink and all!


Stacking up yarn, can't think of a better play time activity! :)


Talk about loving the colors....dang mamacita!! That's some candy! (oh - and it's YOUR fault I'm making that scarf in the first place!!)


Ah, yes, the dirty little secrets of the people who shamelessly adore photographing yarn! And, wowza, that's some yarn cake collection! Smart kid for trying to smuggle some of it...


Oh, the magic is definitely gone. I'm never looking at your blog the same way again. ;)

Those are some pretty colors!


Still very 'techy' to have fooled us all!! I need all the photo help I can get even though my hubby used to be a pro photographer owning his own studio. Now his eyesight won't allow it and his equipment isn't at all hi-tech. We need to sell an old but like new B&W enlarger. But who wants it with all the hi-tech now? I don't have a high-end digital so my pic aren't great. I sure enjoy yours.


Could I have your little assistant come over and help me for my shoots? I can pay in cookies.

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