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May 07, 2007



It was my birthday 2005... my sister gave me a swift and my daughter a ball winder. That was the best!!


OOOH I would love to celebrate my birthday with that gorgeous yarn. My birthday is the 13th. I would have to say that the birthday gift I have enjoyed the most was my swift and ball winder, my family liked it to, because there were no more sore arms on the human swifts. My best would be the pearls DH gave me one year a long time ago, when we still bought each other frivolous thing, before children


Well, happy birthday! Sorry that I did not run into you at Sheep & Wool, been following your blog for awhile - I hope you have a blast with that spindle and fiber :)

Best birthday present ever - My husband took me skydiving for my 30th. It was awesome, intensely horrifying, and definitely crazy - I'm not sure that I ever want to do it again, but I'm so glad that I did it once - it was on the life list!


Birthdays should last for at least one month!
My best birthday gift was a surprise party thrown by Smith! I had no idea and it was so much fun to be surprised.


It was great to meet you on Saturday! I had so much fun :)

On my most recent birthday, my boss took my team out to lunch to celebrate a project getting completed. He knew it was my birthday, and checked with me first to make sure it was OK. They brought out a desert and sang to me! Then one of my co-workers picked up some cupcakes for me on the way back from lunch, and I got to hand those out. It was like 2nd grade all over again :) I was still pretty full by the time my boyfriend and I met up with my best friend and her husband, but I still managed to eat at my favorite restaurant and have (even more) cake afterwards.

BTW- I have a skein of medium weight in that same color, so I'll take myself out of the running for the contest :)


8 days of birthday...what a fantastic idea! Maybe I'll have to give that one a try next year...though my family is doing their best to spread mine out over several months, with some of them sending me early presents and others sending things that are yet to arrive!

I'd have to say this year was my best birthday ever (I've had quite a string of absolutely terrible ones, so there hasn't been much competition recently!). I've been having a hard time this year with illness and was feeling homesick and not quite settled into my new grad program, but my new colleagues went out of their way to give me the best surprise ever, conspiring with my husband to take me out to the local Ethiopian restaurant and even getting my advisor to come along! It was just so, so sweet of them. And then my husband made me the "traditional" Space-Shuttle cake (I have a picture/explanation on my blog if you're curious), which made it even better. I always said I'd hate a surprise party, but it turned out to be the best present anyone could've given me right about then, when I was feeling sort of unloved by the world. It's always nice to feel special.

(also, hello! I don't believe I've ever commented on your blog before, but I've been lurking for awhile...I believe I found you through the Zimmermania group.)


Novakkah! Tht is the best birthday idea of all time. Ever. It is genius-levels of good.

My best birthday present ever? I'm gonna have to say my sewing machine. My sister gave it to me a few years back, and while at the time I was like, wtf? it's now my bestest friend!


First, I have to say, that I love reading your blog! :) Also, happy early birthday! :)

My best birthday gift is also the best celebration. I took photos for a local band, and I told them about 4 months before my birthday that it would ROCK if they'd play a show for my b-day, in teh 11-midnight time slot (so I could end 20 and begin 21 with them), at my favorite club. I never mentioned it after that, but they remembered, and they did exactly what I'd asked them for many months before!!! :D It was awesome. All my friends were there, and one of the band guys was checking me out, and it was awesome. :) hehe


We do weeklong celebrations too. It's a lot more fun that way ;o) My best bday present was in 2001 when I found out that it wasn't bad shrimp but that I was pregnant with my oldest.


Happy birthday, in advance! I think Novakkah is a stroke of genius!!

Best birthday gift was probably the birth of my twin sons, who arrived 4 days before my 33rd birthday. I spent my birthday in the hospital (difficult delivery and recovery - for me and for them), and even though I felt all kinds of beat-up, it was really cool to be celebrating my birthday *and* my new life as a mama at the same time.

I'm all about celebrating big time, too, esp. for my own bday. I may have to steal your Novakkah idea. ;)


Happy Birthday...couldn't happen to a cooler girl. ;)

Best present ever? Well, this year I am giving one to myself. A trip to San Fran. Yay!

But the presents are not as good as just feeling the love from family and friends...that is the best way to celebrate.


I may have to do the same - except I've told my hubby that May is all about me, me, me. Birthday, Mother's Day, all of May. I think hubby has planned a day of yarnshop hops along with dinner and a movie with our bestest friends. Happy Novakkah!


Oh my god, we have the same birthday!! I always knew you were cool ;)
While I don't get my way every year, I love to spend my birthday surrounded by all my favorite people. My favorite birthday so far was my 21st. A group of friends took me to tea, and then the ballet and then we all went to my favorite restaurant for dinner. A fabulous day.

pamela wynne

WOO! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I feel very strongly about making a big deal of birthdays -- this Novakkah thing is genius.

Every year is different, but it usually includes a cavalcade of free goodies. We travel 45 miles to the bourgeois paradise of Ann Arbor, where there are dozens of restaurants, delis, and ice cream parlors that give you free stuff on your birthday. Then I go home fat and happy. :)


OOh, happy Novakkah! I love the idea. My best birthday ever is probably still to come. But so far? This past one was pretty darn good. The beau and I had only been dating for 3 weeks and he rose to the occasion and we had a marvelous dinner and drinks and lovely time.


Happy birthday!

Every year, every since I was very little, I've had a birthday hunt. My parents would hide my birthday presents and give me clues to find them. My husband has continued the tradition! (He's a keeper.)


Happy Novakkah to you!!
I can't be in the contest (I've won WAY to many lately and am getting embarrassed) but my favorite all time present was a sink! We lived in Alaska with no running water and my husband surprised me with a little sink and hooked it up to a drainage system that went out into a small hand dug leach field (prior to that I used buckets and had to dump it outside)Nothing since has lived up to that birthday present!


Eight days of celebration sounds awesome! My best birthday present was for my 50th, when my husband took me to Las Vegas, where my best friends, and his parents (who I love dearly) met us for a week of fun!!! I now celebrate each birthday with a large party with friends at my favorite sushi restaurant.


I've been lurking for a while now, so I figure a contest will cause me to de-lurk.

I almost imploded when I saw your blog - yarn and 5" acid-free document cases? That's like my whole life! Yes, I am also an archivist who knits . . . and has issues with pink. Is it possible we're related?

My favorite birthday gift was an iPod nano from my hubby. It has really changed my subway/walking commute immeasurably!


Happy early birthday! I like birthdays -- celebration of yourself and all that. Unfortunately my friends don't all that much.

My best birthday gift ever, let's see. In my high school people give birthday girls balloons to carry around school all day to indicate that it's their birthday. (Girls as opposed to boys because... boys wouldn't care? I'm not entirely sure.) Anyway, ever since I found out about it I was enamored of the tradition and told all my friends how much I would love to get balloons for my birthday.

Of course, they never paid attention, BUT last year one of my not-so-very-close friends was walking down the hall with a bunch of balloons in her hand on my birthday. I walked up to her as I was heading to class and said jokingly, "Are those for me?" (Never believing that anyone would give *me* balloons, of course!) And she shoved the teddy bear holding the balloons into my hand and said "Happy birthday!" I was ecstatic for the rest of the day. Finally! Someone celebrated my birthday with me. I still have the teddy bear sitting on my shelf. =)


I've clicked over from other bloggers who were nice enough to linked to people they met up with at MDSW. Good times!

I've always thought that a birthday week was a fantastic idea, but your expansion on that is pure genius. I love the name!

As it happens, my birthday is sometimes celebrated by everyone in our country...well, it is this year anyway. ;) I'm a Memorial Day baby. I'm originally from Indiana and i used to celebrate my birthday by watching the Indy 500 on TV. Those days are gone.

More recently, my birthday has been best spent on camping trips, out enjoying nature, with my partner. Deb's birthday is May 25th and mine the 28th, so it really does turn into a birthday week! I usually get a lot of knitting done out in the calming forest...no computer, no TV, no phont. Ahhh, pure bliss.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and thanks for the fun contest. I enjoy reading how other people spend their special day.


Happy Birthday! You really know how to celebrate (& kicking it off at a fiber festival, perfect!). I love the cards I get on my birthday (they often include a photo, sketch, letter).


Happy birthday to you!

My birthday was last Thursday. This is birthday season! My brother and I (he's four years and two days older than me) always have pineapple upside-down cake to celebrate - it's our favorite, especially when we light it on fire with rum!

As for the best present I've ever gotten, I know this is really sappy, but... my wonderful new boyfriend (it's been a little over a month now) drove from 65 miles away to meet me at a contra dance, and he brought me a gorgeous lily and a really sweet card. And then he waltzed with me.

I hope your birthday is as great!

Liz K.

My birthday is the week before Christmas, and many December birthday-ists complain about their birthdays being subsumed within the holiday madness. Me? I love having my birthday during the most festive time of the year. And I am always touched at the special efforts of people who love me to ensure that I have a special day to myself, that my birthday doesn't get lost with all the other holiday stuff.

My husband is generally a great gift giver, and this year he did not disappoint. He believes that all birthdays ending in zero and five call for diamonds. I have not disabused him of this idea. This year's birthday had a five, and I got a diamond necklace.

Can't wait to see what he comes up with for Mother's Day!


It's Novakkah!!! Time to get out your Wallet-kah!!! My ode to Special K. I knew it was Novakkah time of year, but I haven't mailed your gift yet. You must tell me who from our "college days" is also a wool fiend.

Okay, so my BEST BIRTHDAY EVER was last year. My Special Someone told me he couldn't be with me on my birthday morning. I was much disappointed. On the eve of my birthday, I got a phone call saying -- *warning, risque ahead* -- "I've always said you have a nice rack, have you looked at yours lately?" I looked out my window and there was an envelope tucked into my ski rack. there began a scavenger hunt all over town, going to all of our fun hangouts (bookstores, ice cream shop, tea shop). Each place I had to give a name (Helga, Gretchen, Lulu Bell) and answer a trivia question to get a riddle about where to go next.
The scavenger hunt ended at my favorite tea shop with a pack list and instructions to be outside my apartment at 9 am the next morning -- he drove up in a rented red convertible mustang and took me away for a romantic weekend complete with a Winemakers Dinner, a suite in the mountains, and walks on the beach. It was incredible!! :~D

And a shout out to MONCIA -- my birthday is the 13th too! Happy Birthday -- I'm turning 30.

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