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May 03, 2007


Amy S.

Those buttons are great! I have some similar lavender ones on a fleece jacket that Maam S. made me. Except she put two on one way and the third on upside down! Funny! Anyway, what are the buttons going on, may I ask? Scarf looks great! I can't wait to start mine! And, that cake...YUMM-O!


Wow. That chocolate cake looks simply sinful and amazing. I am so printing out that recipe! The buttons are the perfect color - they really pull the green tones out of the sweater..


Wow, I think I can tell from that picture how good that cake is. I'm jealous :)

I like the new scarf! The colors are going together well.


I never thought much of photography until I started my blog a couple of months ago. I bought a digital camera and my whole outlook changed. Now I try to carry it with me everywhere just in case. I still take 29 horrid photos just to get the one that will be pretty!


Whenever I buy a new camera, I've already read the manual cover to cover (maybe even twice) before the batteries are charged.

People tell me they take bad pictures, how can they take better pictures - the first thing I ask them - have you read the manual? How can you expect to know how the camera works (especially digital cameras because a lot of things that various film used to do you now have to set the camera to do - like ISO) if you don't read the directions?

So yes. I read the manual. I still refer to it occassionally too.


Oh man, like I need any of that! eek! I'm with Cara on reading the manual! It takes forever to play around and find all of the features and options of your camera.

Liz K.

I want to lick my screen right now for the bete noir.


You're pretty darn good at photos! From the sound of the above comments I need to read my camera manual!! The scarf is looking good! Thanks to you I just placed an STR order!


Oh I don't know - I think you're a pretty fantastic photographer and blogger!


OMG! You're making me drool with the cake and the great photography in blogland. I definitely want to get better at it too.

pamela wynne

I like to tell myself my crappy photography is because of my crappy camera, but that's probably not the case. :) But trust me, the dense chocolately gooey goodness of that cake *definitely* comes through in your picture. Oh. My. God.


You have conveyed the extraordinary deliciousness of that cake very well in your photograph!!
I've got to go read my camera manual...


Thanks for the kind photography words, but truly - I just shoot photos everyday. I think it's practice that trains your eye. More importantly - the freakin' chocolate cake! Holy....Um, yeah. I'll be making that. Unless you wanna cook for ME??!! Love the chevron colors.


The cake looks so rich & delicious! I think you've captured it perfectly.


I agree. There are amazing photographers in blogland (including you). It is very inspiring for a little novice like me.

LOVIN' the new Chevron!


Thanks for the links. I hadn't been familiar with all those great knit-photographers.

Christy / Not Hip

Beautiful. I am now intensely craving some chocolate.


Beautiful capture on that last shot - you have successfully conveyed the cake's delicious-ness :)


I think that your photos are great!
I too love your new colors for the chevron!


Hi Nova--Everything looks good! I think you have hit upon an excellent chevron duo. Third time's the charm. That cake looks amazing. The genache is perfect! I may have to make a little homemade hot fudge sauce for frozen yogurt this evening.

Have a great weekend!


Nova, what amazing shots you are taking these days! And cake. Mmm, cake.


A post full of yum AND beautiful photos!

Can't Tell

A friend of mine makes something very similar to la bete noir that she refers to simply as "Sin" because, yes, it is just that evil. *smile*

Boo! I'm your Sockapalooza pal. I'm very excited to get working on your socks - I think I've got the perfect yarn picked out, but am still waffling on the pattern.

Any hints you want to drop, feel free to send them my way! I'll be checking in here as often as I can, but I've a fair bit of traveling coming up so if you don't hear from me for a bit, don't worry - I'm still paying attention!


Um...the scarf looks awesome and all but where the devil can I get a piece of that cake??!? Your photo conveyed to me that I would like it very much. :)


Yummy yummier yummiest, this shot is all of them, I LOVE chocolate cake and you have taken a magnificent photo of one of life's major pleasures..(can you tell I love chocolate cake?) Well done to you!

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