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May 24, 2007



I will guess your upcoming anniversary is to celebrate 6 years of marriage. Little Sir is so cute. Wish my babies were babies still.

Amy S.

Let's see...I am guessing it was year 2000 - so that would make this year #7! Am I right!?


Oh man, Little Sir is too cute! That last picture has me in stitches, he's just too adorable.

Hm... I'm going to guess you're on year #7. That seems like a goodly number. I mean, it's the copper and wool anniversary!


what a great post! may is a great month - the coming of spring, my birthday, the month hubby and I met - just happy times. hopefully the feeling will last through June too!

Hmm - I'm going to guess 4 years...


I love these pictures. Especially the one of Little Sir getting tossed in the air -- sometimes I wish I were still small enough for someone to do that to me!

I'm going to guess you've been married 4 years. Happy anniversary!


You have the best photos of you and your family! I am guessing 7 years. You can celebrate another day - every day is another day worth celebrating, if it's with your sweetie!


I agree, May is a wonderful month to celebrate. I'll guess 5 years of wedded bliss for you and Special K.


i can't resist a celebratory contest, so i'll guess 5 years. congratulations no matter what the number!


Okay, in Google searching to try to find info about your wedding date, I found this: http://tinyurl.com/34gqmr

Read the birds' names!

I'll come back for a real guess in a minute.


What a wonderful post!!
Congratulations on Little Sir learing to stand! What a big boy!!
I'm guessing 5 years of wedded bliss.
Happy Anniversary to you and Special K.


What great photos! I especially like the one where Little Sir is tossed up in the air.

Best wishes for another wonderful year of marriage! I'll guess 4 years.


happy anniversary! i'm guessing this is your sixth wedding anniversary.


What a happy month!

I'm going to guess 6 years.

cindy b

I love May as well! My first born was born a week before Mother's Day, and one of the other kids was a week after Mother's Day.

I think you are having your sixth anniversary this year.


Happy anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day, new skills - all rolled into one! Sounds like May is your kind of month.

pamela wynne

great photos!! 6 years?


I didn't get a wedding invitation (seeing as how I was underway at the time), but I did get pictures, so I won't play. Where do you keep the quilt you gave Special K? You should put up the pic to show everyone your many talents... you have skills woman! Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday! Happy Little Sir!


I just celebrated my 7th anniversary this weekend so I will guess 7!


I'm going with 6 years.


I say it's number five, wood!


I will guess five years. Special K sure is cute.


My hubby and I are guessing together! We guess 4 years!
Happy 4 year Anniversary! :)
Lovely photos!


Fun! Happy Anniversary to both of you! I'm guessing 6 years of bliss :o)


Hmmm, I'll guess 6 years. Your little guy is so darling. What a cute face on him!


I lovelovelove those pictures! Especially the one with Little Sir flying in the air. So fun. I'm going to guess you've been married five years. Happy Anniversary!!

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