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May 01, 2007



I Sockapalooza!

I have to agree... the solids or the semi-solids are just the way to go with the fancy stitch-patterned socks. Yours look great!


Love these; they are on my list for sure--but, I totally agree: in a semisolid or very mildly variegated yarn only.

For the record, I also firmly believe that I am going to look ridiculous in my knee-highs. But I'm not letting that stop me ;)


Fabulous monkeys. (I don't think I have ever used those two words together before.)


FABULOUS! Love the color with the pattern. I need to knit up my Midsummer yarn!


Yay, Monkeys! I just finished mine last week and will be blogging them tomorrow. I agree - Cookie A. is a sock genius. Yours are gorgeous - I love the blue semi-solid.

And I Sockapalooza, too! I'm psyched!


Your Monkeys are wonderful - perfect yarn/pattern combination!!


Lovely monkeys -- great yarn and stitch combination. I agree completely with your assessment of multi-coloured yarn and "fancy" patterns. I've seen a lot of "invisible monkeys" around blogland. :-)


Woo! Monkeys look great! I like the subtle variegation in that yarn too!


Nova, these are fabulous! I love the slight variegation. It really works with the pattern. I need to remember how good these look and make some of my own! They are so pretty!


Nova, these are fabulous! I love the slight variegation. It really works with the pattern. I need to remember how good these look and make some of my own! They are so pretty!


Those turned out gorgeous and what dya know? I have that yarn in lightweight. I may be a copycat soon.


They look spiffy!

Liz K.

Obviously, I want to be just like you, since I finished my chevron right after you, and now I just finished my Monkeys. In a very similar colorway.

Mind melding across the blogosphere!


Great Monkey socks! The blues in the yarn are so pretty, and they really work well with the stitch pattern. The fit looks perfect, too.

I have so many relatives who expect socks for gifts that I haven't found time to Sockapalooza. Although I like knitting socks for gifts, it can be rather annoying when people expect them (and/or handmade beaded jewelry) and complain if they don't get anything handmade.


Beautiful Monkeys!
I haven't been tempted to knit these yet but I think part of the reason has been the knitted ones I've seen. I love yours in the semisolid yarn. I've become quite partial to semisolid yarn for most socks.

Nice work and photos.

Christy / Not Hip

One of the many on my "to knit" list. Yours look great.
I also want to knit some of the knee-highs..even though I know that I probably wouldn't wear them. Short, muscular legs run in my family...which don't necessarily look their best in knee high socks.


I agree on Cookie's design skills - she's amazing.
Monkey socks have been on my list since I first saw that issue of Knitty. I've got some semi solid STR winging its way to me from Blue Moon. That yarn might be just the thing.


Beautiful socks! I love the way this pattern looks slightly different from the side and from above-very cool. Must knit a pair of these soon!


I don't Sockapalooooza. I'm weird that way I guess.

The Monkey's look fantabulous! I have that colorway and it is gorgeous. So glad you'll be keeping these and having something to look forward to in the winter!


Oh, I love them! The pattern looks great with that yarn. I have a skein of the Midsummer but mine looks way darker than yours, almost navy... hope it works up to look like yours though! And Yay! knits for you!

PS: I DOOOOOO Sockapalooza. I am so antsy with surprises, too, so I am already wishing I knew who would be knitting socks for me!!


Those are beautiful - I agree that the stitch pattern is too pretty to be hidden in a hugely variegated yarn!


So pretty! Now I can't stop thinking about casting on for a pair of pretty Monkeys using my mediumweight STR. I just hope mine works as well as yours. I love those!


Loving the Monkey socks and the yarn colourway looks so good.


They look great! I agree wholeheartedly about the semi-solid concept for heavily patterned socks.


Fabu! Love those socks and that colorway. I still have yet to crack into the new STR in my stash. I might have to soon. =)

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