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June 14, 2007



At least you're not all alone in your time of need... :)

Good luck!


Ah, you are killing me with these adorable baby knits!

Stitch markers? Sure, I've got plenty - I'll meet you half way. Let's see that should be somewhere around Philly. . .


Who needs stitch markers when you can use scrap yarn? =) Good luck with it. I know you'll tackle that deadline for sure!


That is so pretty! Love the color and cables. Good luck with getting it finished and finding extra markers/holders.


I totally thought of that song when I saw your post title!

What a cute sweater that will be!!!! Try a cut up straw for stitch markers...


Crap, somebody already beat me to asserting that you're not all alone in your time of need. Well, how about this:

No trophy, no flowers, no flashbulbs, no wine--but so much knitterly satisfaction if you can bang that thing out in a week!


LOL you go girl!


Trellis is looking good! I hope you find the stitch holders and get it done by your deadline. Choosing buttons will be fun.


Totally doable. I'd recommend blocking the fronts and back now so that you can do your 3-needle bind-off on the shoulders and get the collar knitted on while the sleeves are drying. (Why yes, I too have knitted Trellis on a deadline...)

Good luck!


Go Nova - you can do it!!

Amy S.

WOW, looks great! I love the suggestions for stitch markers - straws, scraps of yarn, etc! Great ideas! Good luck with your deadline! You know you can do it!


Definitely do-able!


You can do it! The sheer power of cuteness will push you through it. I'm about to start knocking another one of those out. I swear I'm not stalking your knits. First the Wallaby, now this one. I guess we have good taste.

pamela wynne

You can do it!! Oh, and I have more stitch markers than I know what to do with. Let me know how many you need. :)


Great, now I'll have that song in my head all night! haha. Trellis is one of my all time favorite knits for the peanut. Enjoy!


Looking forward to your input on this pattern. It's on my "to-knit" list for baby-to-be come fall.

It's looking good :-)


Oh my favorite part of making a sweater (major sarcasm here)! You'll have it together in no time and what a sweater it will be!

Looking at that picture...I'm guessing you meant stitch holders!! - Yarn works...


Look at it... it's practically finished. And once you've got your trellis under control, your famous archivist self needs to come to Bryn Mawr and help me work on my exhibition!


It's going to be gorgeous! I love white and off white. It's elegant even though you don't need elegant for a little boy do ya? A slow knitter? I think I got ya beat!


I've always loved trellis - yours is going to be no exception! Knit like the wind, dammit! I need to see a finished product to drool over.


Whoosh! You're zooming! It looks great!


You're done, right?!It's beautiful. If you need stitch markers, feel free to stop by and take all the ones you'll find all over the floor everywhere around here.

Cynthia Crysdale

I LOVE the sweater; it is simply fabulous! That is quite a bit of work to do in a week - even if it is a baby sweater. Wow.


Fingers-crossed for making the deadline! Looks like you are almost there already. And I agree with whomever said it. No need for stitch markers when you have scarp yarn and thread! :)


Go, go, go! You can do it!

PS - I have a sudden hankering for cake now.

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