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June 01, 2007



Ohhh, that sock pattern is eating my lunch right now. I messed up somewhere and now the pattern went all wonky on me and GRRRRR.
I see so many wonderfully done ones and I keep thinking why oh why is mine so HARD???

Susan P

Love the Koigu. I can't even count how many skeins of that stuff I have. Their delivery is so irregular that I grab it while I can.

I must have the most KooKoo stash in the world (or at least the midwest)

Great color for the Pomatomus. What is it?



hehe, 3am is serious Koigu love! The Poms are looking great!


and here i thought that i had ginormous YOs because i knit like ass. i always use US2s for socks and love the idea of blaming the needles :)


Oooh, I *love* the way that's looking, loose yo's and all! Makes me want to knit another Potomatus even tho those socks took me longer to knit than any others.


Hi Nova! The Koigu socks look great! I hope you have enough yarn.

The sweater for Little Sir looks really nice. I hope we get to see a modeled shot! Although if it's hot out, that wouldn't be nice for him. My guess he isn't all that into the world of knitting blogs.

Have a great weekend!


Lemme get this straight --- you knitted all that sock in one sitting? No way... socks take me months! But then, I kinda knit like jenn... but without any finished products...


Love the Koigu. 3 in the morning, huh? That's some serious concentration.


That is some gorgeous Koigu, it looks fabulous in Pomatomous! It looks like you made a lot of progress on that sock in the wee hours.
Looking forward to seeing Little Sir modeling his new handknit.


I abandoned the Pommies for the same reason - my YO were as big as my head!!
I read somewhere that if you pick the YO up on the next row, it creates a smaller hole. I wish I'd bookmarked the site!


Love the p-word socks in yellow! So daring. So different. And my fingers are crossed you have enough :o)


I have yet to make Pomatomus socks, but like you, have always liked the pattern...it reminds me of Child's First Sock in Shell Pattern from Knitting Vintage Socks. I love the yellow Koigu!
Is Little Sir's new pullover a Wonderful Wallaby with seed stitch instead of ribbing? I'll wait for the unveiling to find out.


Oooh, pretty Koigu, pretty Poms. Hope the 3rd time's a charm!

Can't wait to see Little Sir's sweater!


Oh man, I need to knit that sock pattern!!! I've been eyeing it for ages but I don't have the right, subtly variegated yarn! Must pick up more Koigu, I think!


The sock is looking great! I wouldn't worry about the "obvious" YO-- it still works well with the pattern.


I love Koigu! The colors are just so juicy and addictive. That picture of your son with the scarf is sooo cuuute!


You're a super fast sock knitting machine!! I'm a night owl but can't say that I make it to 3am! That pattern is next on my list. I am knitting the 'monkey' pattern right now. Very cool pattern!


That looks like a Wallaby peeking out!!

Christy / Not Hip

Well I am kookoo for Koigu now, thanks to you. Which overall is a good thing...but I am taking a sewing class right next door to Knit/Purl and I keep having to resist going in to grab armfuls of Koigu off of their Koigu wall.
The socks looks great. I think my yarnovers were a little loosey-goosey, but I didn't care too much.

pamela wynne

Mmmm, Koigu poms. Gorgeous! And I like the lacy look you get from the 2s. It's fancy.


I love the socks, but is that a wallaby I see??


Oh how I love Koigu! Yellow is so hard to find in a pretty color but you've succeeded and paired it with a gorgeous pattern.


what a wonderful Koigu color! It looks great as Pom's - I like the "less subtle" yarnovers - gives it a bit more lace like feel.

oooh - that little sir sweater is too cute looking!


I'm koo koo for those Pomatomus socks, that's for sure!!


hee hee hee--we're ALL kookoo!

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