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July 12, 2007



Looks like you hit the highlights, despite having so little time! I love each and every one of those places -- in fact Powell's alone is a major reason why I'd have a hard time moving away from this city.

I'm glad you liked knit/purl. It's on the posh side, as Portland goes, but still SO friendly.


Wonderful post and photos, Nova! Glad you had such a great time. Little Sir may not like grass, but he does seem fond of the Koigu!


Thanks for the tip, on the yarn and the shop! Now that I'm living in the lower 48, I can do more online yarn shopping (shipping "inter-continentally" is a pain...)
And, as always, it's lovely to see Little Sir's smile :)


Powell's rocks, of course! How nice to have made a weekend trip--and had time to see so much yarn!


What a great trip, and what a glowing yarn store review! I'll have to make sure I visit there when I get to Portland.


Wow, that Japanese Garden looks incredible! And the wall of Koigu? Amazing! When we travel now I do gardens, yarn stores, and book stores (especially independent children's books) -- it's the best way to get to know a city! Great trip!


Guess where I got _my_ Glacier from? Knit/Purl!! I too had great customer service from them, and would definitely order from them again--glad to hear they are just as nice in person. And good lord, the Koigu! I'm looking at Portland plane tickets right now.


Excellent! So glad you had a good time. Love that first shot of Little Sir in the yarn shop -- I'll bet it wasn't long before he had yarn in both hands. ; )


Oh yay for Oregon! I love Cannon Beach. Such a lovely little town and the rocks... did you know that the 80s movie The Goonies was filmed there?

I've never been to Knit/Purl, but the next time I go to PDX I will definitely check it out. They seem so cool!


We love Canon Beach!

I am in love with that wall of Koigu! Portland's only 3 short hours away. I don't think my hubby would miss me if I slipped away for a bit?


Another fabulous trip......yay for you!
Yes, that wall of koigu is my favorite.......I love how it is displayed!!! Nice to hear of another store to keep in mind....


Yum! What a lovely trip.


looks like you and little sir had a wonderful time! the beach looks perfect. and all that yarn! i have no idea how you didn't buy more koigu with the wall of it there!


Wow, looks like you had a great trip! Portland is definitely on my "must visit" list + thanks for the heads up on knit/purl. Heading over there now.


Portland is SUCH a fabulous city. I would move there in a heartbeat - just waiting for Kris to say the word :) The last time I was there was pre-knitting days, however, so I didn't check out the yarn scene. I did check out every single Powell's location in the city, however. :P

Little SIR!!!


Oh my gosh!! THAT is a lot of Koigu! But you didn't buy enough of it!! Shame on you! Maybe it's a good thing that I don't see as much Koigu all in one place! I'd be in debt.
What are the plans for what you did buy?


Well aren't you the traveler!! Looks like Little Sir handles being away from home just fine! Now I'm going to look at Knit/Purl's site (a new one to me) Welcome home...again!


It sounds like you had a fabulous time! That wall of Koigu is amazing. So are your gorgeous photos of Oregon.


Wall of Koigu!!!!Can't get past that. Looks like a good time:)

Christy / Not Hip

Sorry to miss you too....but thanks for the Cannon Beach shop tip. We are going in a couple weeks. Apparently we are trying to redo our high school/college years and try to take surfing lessons. I just hope I don't break my fingers before I get a chance to check out the shop!


i'm going to portland in october to meet my new nephew. i will have to put Knit/Purl on my wishlist of things to see. thanks for sharing what looks like a great place. glad you had fun.


Sounds like a great trip!


Hi, Nova. I'm Christine's former boss. We met at her house once at dinner. It was a few years ago. I'm also a blogger. Consider yourself tagged. Find out more at my blog -- and thanks for playing.



Oh my god. That wall of Koigu is so potent just in the photograph that I can't even imagine the spasms of ecstasy you must have experienced in person. That alone makes your trip a resounding success, but it sounds as though it was one of many great elements of your spontaneous getaway!


Too lucky! I totally had NO time to go to crafty shops in Portland. And my hotel was in striking distance of Knit/Purl AND Josephine's Dry Goods. I guess there's always next year.

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