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July 21, 2007



Have fun with "school!" Hope they leave you some time to relax and knit! Call me a dork but I think the first two books could be rather interesting...you know, historicish. :)


I know I am not a HP fan and won't be reading that either! I have about 5 knitting books in transit to me and I can't wait to get to reading on those!! :o)

Happy Reading!


Yep, Little Sir certainly looks like he gets it... (I'd rather be reading books about books than H.P!) Enjoy. x


It is clear that Little Sir is an expert! Have fun in "school"!


Not an HP fan either. There's better literature!
When school is out you might like a little lighter read but still on the subject of books. "Used and Rare: Travels in the Book World" and "Slightly Chipped: Footnotes in Booklore" both by Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. I liked the first one better but both are fun!
Make good grades now!

Katie K

Admit it-- you're going to that school to see the Sheepish Cloth!


I hope you get some time to knit amongst all your studying! I hope the Sockpal socks go by quickly :)

Christy / Not Hip

Well, I'll be one of those reading that certain book once it arrives in the mail today. So I think that fits the definition of a nonacademic book.
You best watch out before little sir is competing for your job though.


Ahhhh RBS. One of my dream destinations, someday. I'd love to be in that cataloging class, or the illustration processes one. Nerdy but oh so wonderful. Have a great time!


Maybe you could knit under your desk at school? Just a thought.


Little Sir is getting so big and smart - well, we always knew he was smart! Hope this week passes well for you!


I actually went to school for Rare Books - and ended up in Archives. I sometimes wonder why I switched. Luckily, I took enough classes in RBMS that I could do both. Enjoy! Yet another thing you will have to tell me about in Chicago! We should start making a list of dinnertime discussions :)

Dipsy D.

It's great to see that someone is reading something else than HP these days! Yay for that! And yay for Little Sir, he's such a cutie indeed and such a beautiful boy!


that actually sounds very interesting! have a wonderful time!


I wish I could say I would be reading non-academic stuff in the next week, but sadly no. It is the week of "hey I really ought to write up that paper" thinking.

PS - Enabler! IF I order that luscious yarn, I will let you know...


I am so jealous! I'd give up The Book to take a class or two at RBS. And that's saying something. Another thing to add to the "someday" list!


Add me to the jealous about RBS list. And, about the previous post--which Vietnamese restaurant do you like in New Haven? (I live in New Haven, and always eat at the same restaurants--I'm trying to branch out!)


Sockapaloza is coming fast, isn't it? Yikes!


It sounds like pretty cool school. I hope all goes well! The color of the flowerbasket shawl is fabulous!


Great blog! (Found you through Christine, and your tagger, Mike.)

I'll be back!


Great blog! (Found you through Christine, and your tagger, Mike.)

I'll be back!


Finally! A blog I can read without the risk of HP spoilers!

I hope you're enjoying book school!

Christy / Not Hip

Hmmm I think the book that I read seam a little more absorbing to me. Hope you're making it through all those classes, you top student you.


I finished off the HP book in 24 hours. It was terrific :)

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