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July 04, 2007



Oh Little Sir - we think you could be a true triple threat - maraca man, model, and heartbreaker!


i see you enjoyed the street performers in waikiki! too cute. :-)


Dear Little Maraca Man,
Whilst we enjoyed following your career as a knitwear model, we feel music is definitely 'your thing'. The rhumba shakers require true talent - of which you have plenty. And then some. Play on little one.
Your fans.


Well, well. The nosy readers had been wondering what you were up to Little Sir. It's great to see that your talents are varied and being put to good use.

Shake on!


Hee! He is rockin'! I love steel drums...they just have the most unique sound.....


Dear Little Sir,
Please post your touring schedule as soon as possible. Your fandom is eager to follow the sounds of your maracas!


*squeals* Little Sir!! I am your #1 fan!!


Oh, Little Sir! The people love nothing better than a handsome, well-sweatered maraca-man! And the music, she is fond of a well-excecuted knit stitch as well... so I've heard.
Keep up the good work!


Dear Little Sir,

Who knew a family vacation could be so influential early in life? Good luck with your chosen career :)


I have been wondering where you've been. Carting Little Sir around to all his gigs I see! Well, unfortunately it looks like this new talent of his is bringing in more cash than modeling. Perhaps he can contiue modeling knitwear as he spreads the 'rhumba shaker' talent throughout the world! Maybe on the cover of his new CD!


Go on, live the dream, Little Sir!


He's on the fast-track to fame.

Musicians get all the chicks!

pamela wynne

Aw, he's living the dream. Rock on, Little Sir!


It was a pleasure to meet talented Little Sir and his band on the road. Thanks for allowing your mom to knit with the Aloha Knitters:) Now...play on!


Shake those maracas Little Sir :)

Just adorable - I got miles of smiles out of this one!


Dear Little Sir,

Please consider my application to be your manager. I have no experience with maracas, per se, but I am willing to travel with you to all places tropical.

Sincerely, AL



Dear Little Maraca Man,
Shake it, baby, SHAKE IT!!!
; )


Oh my god, that last picture is seriously the cutest thing ever.
Congrats, Little Sir, on discovering your talent and career so early in life!


Shake it Little Sir!


Dear Little Sir:
I completely understand the siren call of music, and you certainly appear to be in the groove with the other musicians. Maybe when the weather turns a little chilly, and the streets are blustery, you'll return for the winter to the lucrative career of knitwear model. In the meantime, enjoy the summer and the music!


Wow, clearly he has talent -- look at all that cash he's raking in! Best of luck as his new career takes off.


Hee! Shake on!


that little sir is toooooo much!


Haha! Seriously, that last picture? Cutest thing EVER!

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