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September 05, 2007



How funny! I just read Lolly's post on this trip. Sounds like it was a grand time!


Sounds like you had a grand time! Cherl looks like a hard core knitter. What a cool tat!

Amy Artisan

So glad that Chicago is your kind of town! :) Friday was definitely a fun day. Let me know when you get back this way.


Knitwerks looks great--I should have taken more yarn field trips!


Fun fun fun! What better use of professional conferences than to facilitate knitblogger meetups? Anyone going to MLA in December??


It was a real joy spending the week with you, Nova. We should do it again some time ;) like SF next year?

Love the sock yarn you got!


what a great time! I never knew there were so many archivists out there! :)


Wow, it looks like a great time! And lucky you to get to meet up with so many knitters!

I read about the knitted globe on Yarnival... it's cool that you got to see it in person.


I wish I was an archivist (didn't I play one in a past life?) just so I could have hung out with you in Chicago! How fun!


Who knew there were so many knitting archivists? Looks like fun!


I'm glad I'm not an archivist! It would be too expensive visiting such beautiful yarn shops during conferences! yummy yarn -- i'm jealous!

pamela wynne

SO fun! As usual, I'm just a little jealous of my archivist friends. :)


Ooooohh, you met Lolly and Lolly met YOU!! :)


I love Chicago! Looks like you had a great time!


Knitting bloggers meeting face to face. Awesome!


Fun times, except for the mediocre sessions, but at least you had your knitting and the promise of yarn shop, or two. :)

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