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October 05, 2007



Congrats on your new blog home, it looks great here! :-)

My loser knit – this is easy, definitely Punch. (you can see it here: http://tinyurl.com/2cb7q7) I had such high hopes for this cardi, I loved the pattern and the yarn. The disappointment was so big that I haven't knit a sweater since. :-D


I love your button choices - I have such a hard time finding nice wooden buttons!

My loser project is the Puff Sleeved cardi from fitted knits. It looks so adorable on the model, and I was in love with the peplum. It ended up that I had to make crazy alterations to get it to fit my body (it's so short) and then I could never get any buttons to work without gaping, and finally I realized that I don't find it very flattering. It still sits in my closet, because I can't seem to bring myself to admit what a failure it is! Hope that makes you feel a little better about your sweater!


I knit a Rusted Root that makes me look like an apple (it's green). I so, so, SO thought it was going to come out great and be really wearable, and it's just not. Ugh. The real bummer is that with sweaters, I feel like it happens more often than not -- that I have really high hopes that are not realized (and yet I keep knitting sweaters!)

Katie K

I made the Mystery Stole 3 in KnitPicks Redwood Shadow thinking that the color approximated a colorful grey as it appears on the company website. But in real life its not grey at all; its a pure full reddish brown. It just doesn't work for me in brown and the stole's asymmetry is awkward when you try to figure out how to wear it without hiding its details.


The new blog looks great. My loser project was a pair of Jaywalkers. I was so excited to make them and they wouldn't fit over my heel.


LOVE the new digs. So crisp!
My loser was a bulky cardigan with cables on the sleeves. It was such a fast knit and I sat manically knitting until it was done. Once finished, I tried it on and realized that the damn thing made me look like a linebacker. It certainly belongs in the "what was she thinking" catagory. I don't know why I fail to remember that I am not a size six.


Congratulations on your move! It looks lovely here.
I adored Pushing Daisies! Oh, what a delightful show...That and Bones are now my only 2 'must watch' shows..well, and Bones is more of a guilty pleasure I admit ;) But the Pushing Daisies dialogue and cast is just all so charming. "The piemaker."

I am racking my brain...probably the only 'loser knit' I have is a big poncho I knitted in my first year of knitting, it was huge and took 12 balls of Bernat Solo which I desperately wanted. Then I made it and realized it was basically a blanket with a turtleneck, and it had limited use. Eventually I gave it to the Goodwill pile.


Love the new digs! Very homey!

My most recent loser project was a pair of Jaywalkers. I knew all along they'd be too tight. I knew I hated tight socks. I knew I'd be unhappy when they were done. Sure enough they're too tight, I hate them, they make me unhappy and I never, ever wear them.


just one loser knit? i'll give you two: firstly, like beth, i had a few issues with some jaywalkers. they were the first socks i ever knit and had to rip the first one out three times before it would fit on the foot of the recipient. there were actual tears.

second, my first sweater was a looking glass from interweave knits that came together well, but the (kind of crappy) yarn made weaving in the ends in a way that was not visible to the rest of the world an excercise in futility.


Yay! like the new digs and the new name - encompasses everything and speaks to who you are.....

As far as knits that didn't hit the mark. Banff. I wanted a big, comfy warm sweater. The yarn - perfect. The pattern - perfect. It just didn't meld as well as I had hoped. Frogged it...


I also work in a library. My loser knit has to be a bulky yarn cardigan. It was a Classic Elite yarn and pattern, and had an interesting ribbed edging that I tore out three times before I got it right, and I wasn't picking up the stitches correctly I guess. Anyway, it was a big knit, and really made me look huge too. I still intend to frog the whole thing one of these days...


Your new blog looks fantastic, love it!

My biggest loser: Sizzle. The fit was terrible on my and had a very potato sack feeling to it. I also flubbed the stockinette at several key moments and it just looked completely assy in every way!


It was my first sweater. From the book "Pretty Knits" (I think that was the name). Top down (yay, no seams - except under the arms, which weren't pretty - I'm not a great seamer). The gauge? Two stitches to the inch. Need I say more?


Isn't move + blog contest a great idea? I approve. :-) Although I have to say, only an archivist would be concerned that her blog title didn't accurately reflect blog content. *sigh*

There are so many disasters in my closet to choose from. Most of them are sweaters that I knit as a new knitter about 10 years ago. I have a long torso and as a new knitter, I never compensated for this so I have a lot of cropped sweaters that were obviously not intended as crops. I hate them.


Just one?? Ok, here's my most memorable loser knit: http://black-dog-knits.blogspot.com/2007/07/ooops-so-do-we-only-talk-about-our.html
The fact that I managed to fluff up my own pattern is hilarious [in hindsight].


While I love the designs of the Zephyr Girls designs I've felt like the Goldilocks of knitting with their designs. I first did the Green Gable and it was indecently tight, so I frogged it. Then I attempted teh rusted root, in a larger size, and it was swimming on me, luckily to fit my sister so it was her birthday gift. But I've yet to knit a sweater that fits me!


Welcome to your new blog. I love the design, it looks great. My greatest loser knit was my Fitted Tank that I knit this summer. I wore it twice and the second time I noticed that the armpits were completely bleached. Lets just say I never wore it again. http://knittinginpink.blogspirit.com/archive/2007/07/05/secret-pal-10-package.html
I don't think it looked quite good anyways, but still.


Hey, cool new home! I'd happily switch my Bloglines subscription without a contest, but since I'm a shameless sock-yarn-ho, here's my story:
The second sweater I made was Simply Marilyn, a pattern by Interweave Knits, and I was so sure it would be perfect... just barely over-sized, with a large cowl-neck to slither off my shoulder... I decided to substitute a bulky alpaca blend yarn, and if the choice of pattern weren't mistake enough, the yarn certainly was.
Let me tell you, that sucker was HOT! Soft as could be, but there was so much yarn involved that it would fit fine for about three minutes, then slowly start streeeettccchhhing under it's own weight until it would start to slither off my shoulders in a decidedly un-sexy way, and pick up speed as it fell down down down to the floor.
I demonstrated to my husband once by putting it on and hopping in place: the sweater was around my ankles in thirty seconds. Yeah, it wasn't the look I was going for.
I tried shrinking it in the dryer, to no avail. Finally, I felted it in the washer in the hopes of salvaging it as a bag, but the insides got matted together and it eventually slithered its way into the garbage.
*sigh* Lesson learned, the hard way, I suppose. This was in my pre-blog history, so there is no photographic evidence of this snaffu of a sweater. Thankfully.


Loser knit? I feel pretty confident saying I'm a hat person. But I knit this bohus hat that looked so bad when I tried it on that I haven't blocked it, woven in the ends, or anything. It's horrible. I'm pretty sure it's a gauge issue so I could probably fix it, but it was so disappointing that I can hardly even think about it!

Like your new blog!


Congratulations on the move! My first sweater took over a year to make - it was fair isle and I was really liked the way the color work came out. However the shape of the sweater turned out to be all wrong, so that years later it still sits in my closet, unworn, as a reminder of all that work.


Hold UP. People were giving you grief about your blog name? Because it misrepresented archivists? Criminy. What is WRONG with people? Between you and Lolly, I often think to myself "you know, I should have been an archivist"--which, is there better representation for your team than that? Guh.

Anyway, I love the new look, and am sympathetic with the potential loser knit. Here's mine:

I was all, "I heart this!" but really, I just hearted the colors in the yarn. The shrug itself is binding in some places, too big in others and just generally weird and unflattering for someone with my chest size. I have worn it exactly zero times, and I'm sure I'll rip it one of these days, as soon as I get a better idea for the yarn.


Nice digs! Those non-knitting archivists need to get a sense of humor. Harumph.

Anyway, my loser knit of all time in wench. Ugh.


I like the new look!

My loser knit was my first (and only, so far) sweater. Lovely yarn, but from different dye lots, so it looked really stripy (and wasn't supposed to), and I did just about everything wrong on it and now it's waiting to be frogged.


Welcome to the new place! It looks nice :) We haven't watched Pushing Daisies yet, but it's on the TiVo waiting.

The second garmet I ever knit was a real loser, even though I was so excited about wearing it initially. It had a really short back, and the front angled down into a V. It looked so awful. The back showed way too much, and it looked like I was wearing a diaper in front. Also, it was a tank top knit in worsted-weight cotton.

Kim U

I like the new blog digs, very comfy looking :)

My loser knit was actually a sweater I made for my dog. I saw a picture of a sweater online and thought... how hard can that be to put together? I had the right _idea_ in general but execution was a problem. It was my first time seaming anything together and I was too impatient to finish (because it was going to be so _cool_) that the end product was So. Not. Attractive. Sigh. At least it was something smallish, I guess :)

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